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Oct 26, 2015
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Haldex City
A few weeks ago I saw on youtube 'car cleaning guru' and he was using products from these guys. The stuff he was using had themes from 'breaking bad' and 'pulp fiction' so looking at there website I thought ill give them ago as there cheap. I was really impressed with what I got for £25 which was snow foam, shampoo and quick detailer. I have to wash 2-3 cars at home and dodo juice is what I buy but its not cheap so I think ill be switching to this lot now. The quick detailer I have to say is the best I have ever used

When drying the car I usually use chemical guys drying aid but there stuff I used a lot less and its half the price
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Looks a good finish.

I seen there stall at Waxstock and had a laugh at all the different themed products but like yourself, had never heard of them before and didn't buy any :(
Yea I saw Guru's video using this stuff. Looked decent!

I've recently been buying stuff from CarChem. Much cheaper and the quality is very good. Love the labelling of these products though so might have to pick them up!

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