Pioneer apple car play, any good?


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Jul 25, 2016
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hi, new to this site. Looking for a bit of help
I have a 2011 Audi A3 sline black edition
Originally came with Audi concert stereo I then got the sat nav plus fitted
I'm really interested in the pioneer car play, didn't realise there was so much different models.
I have an iPhone 6 so no problems with connecting.
I only have Bluetooth in my car that works phone calls, not music.
What would you suggest as best models and why?
I'd obviously have to go to a garage to get it fitted etc
I live north east Aberdeen
Thanks in advance
Hi there,

I recently got a 2008 A4 Cabrio with the standard concert stereo. Had a Pioneer DA120 installed professionally and love it!

I use CarPlay a lot and it's super easy to use with my iPhone 6s. Maps and Siri work well - call quality is good.

Couple of things to be aware of:

- Get it installed by someone who knows what they are doing, I did and it worked with no issues.
- CarPlay works off the phone via a lightening cable into a usb cable attached to the unit.
- this model has no sat nav built in, it works off the phone and therefore is signal reliant.
- make sure you have a decent data bundle on your mobile deal, I have 8GB inclusive and don't have an issue despite streaming a lot of music.
- calibrate the EQ as the default music settings are flat

Hope that helps and feel free to ask any more specific Qs!
Perfect. Thank you for your help. I called a local halfords today and asked a few questions regarding it. They have the SPH-DA-120 at £329 and the AVH-X8700BT at £499, the only difference I can see personally between the two is the more expensive one has the CD player. I think I'd end up getting halfords to fit it but it is £110 on top of the price of the stereo for the adapters, cables etc that are needed.
I paid a bit less for the unit but fitting price was similar. I think the cables and adapters are about £70 so £110 seems fine. Do get the to link up the steering wheel controls though.

Might be worth checking if they can fit, if you buy it from elsewhere. You may be able to pick on up for £290.

Have fun and trust me you won't regret it!