do audi no longer supply hire cars when in for a service?


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Jun 12, 2012
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was booking the s3 in for a service online, and i've seen the options available are wait and lift. Last time i got it serviced by audi they gave me a little run around for the day. have they changed their policy?
Courtesy cars are expensive on your insurance and not worth the extra expense, guess this is the reason. If it's just one of the standard services I would wait for the job to be done, which take an hour or two. Other than that phone them and ask for a courtesy car if it doesn't suit you.
Mine does, Sydenham Audi - but the waiting list for one is LONG.

I prefer the free collect and return option.
I would always book my car in one month in advance to make sure I got a courtesy car
I go into the dealer to book so that I can book a courtesy car. I drop my car off first thing in the morning go work then pick it up when I finish.

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I dropped my car off last week for a gearbox oil change and they decided to give me a Black Edition A6 3.0TDI .

It used to be a free service for hire cars but they changed their insurance broker so now they charge £12 a day .I thought it was well worth it as I got to experience a quality car for a day . The only issue was that my A3 felt pathetically slow when I got it back from them :(



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