difference between A3 spoiler and S3 spoiler?


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Jul 23, 2006
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what are the differences between the 2? i know someone whos selling a unused A3 spoiler that he had brought from audi because he wanted the S3 spoiler instead, which got me thinking what was so different about them.

bonus points for pics :)
S3 is the one on the left.
much more of a noticable difference on the arches there, which is usually overlooked by most.
jojo said:
S3 is the one on the left.
:confused: If the yellow one is an A3 how comes my car doesnt have a spoiler or is that not a standard item?
thats because its not a standard fit. you can get one from a main dealer or off ebay for a little more £!
I've never noticed that the aerial sat more uprite on a S3 compared to a A3?
I presume this is because of the spoiler.
Does anyone know where to get them? I want a tailgate spoiler for my A3 but the cheapest I can find them is from GPC for a genuine Audi one at 130 plus VAT..... which is way more money than Id willingly spend on it!
All the ones on Ebay look i bit rubbush in my opinion......
..if its a roof spoiler you want only the oem one looks good. Not sure what you mean by tailgate spoiler, but if its what I think it is then they all look schit, big stinking pile of doo doo..:Flush:
been trying to get my mits on a cheap one of either for a long time now - they seem to be like the proverbial rocking horse *****
yes the roof spoiler is what I mean OEM style not a cossie whale tail effort!!!...... hmmm... looks like I might have to stump up that cash if I really want one......
Another difference between the two - the A3 ones are bonded on and the S3 are bolted on. However - it you chop off the 4 bolt attachments it will fit an S3. Doing mine at the moment!

BTW - the GPC one is a replica (from some spanish company) and like an S3 spoiler - be warned (I made that mistake) and they charge a fee if you want to return it!!!

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