A4 b7 2.0tdi issues.


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May 8, 2013
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Hi all I was wondering could I ask for your help??
I have just bought a 2.0tdi 170 after buying I have realised the doc has been removed and I'm also positive it's been remapped, I bought it on the understanding there was no mods until close inspection.
I have later found out that in a morning from cold start after a couple of minutes of idle I am getting what I am pretty sure is a blue smoke then once warm I get nothing, not on acceleration or anything.
I have also found that the turbo seems to whistle hell of a lot, even on idle as well as when engine braking and slowly allowing the revs to drop it whistles a lot as well as 'pooh' noise when letting off even when not on much boost? Idle whistle seems to be more when engine is hot.
I have taken vac pipe off PCV valve and found oil in there not a major amount. The thing is I don't want to just bite the bullet and change this as it is full new rocker cover at £150 and if not that I've wasted that money.
Could anybody please point me in the right direction??
Cheers in advance
Could be the turbo is on it's way out.Definitely sounds like the DPF has been gutted if you can hear the 'pooh' noise which occurs when the VNT closes. Blue smoke from the turbo could be coming from the turbine side. How many miles has the car done ? .
Car is on 160k had fsh so wasn't too phased by it.
Yeh get the pooh noise and also when in the garage the fumes are stinging eyes which is another sign I believe??
Is the pooh noise anything to worry about?
Do you think this could be the PCV? Worth disconnecting vac hose for a while
Hole and see what's what?