Please someone HELP! Can't find front coil spring anywhere for my 2000 plate A6 S6 C5 2.7 BiTurbo Qu

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Jul 10, 2016
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Please someone HELP! Can't find front coil spring anywhere for my 2000 plate A6 S6 C5 2.7 BiTurbo Quattro.(Saloon). I've removed the strut and not sure if the colour code on spring is 1 brown 1 pink or 1 yellow 1pink. Audi dealer parts department gave me a part number but i think it's the wrong one. Any HELP appreciated. Thank you.
They don't stock. My Local dealer couldn't even give me correct parts number. And everytime i try to put my Vin No. or make and model not coming up with compatable for quattro.
Just because they don't have it in stock doesn't mean they can't get you it.
You will not find an aftermarket spring for your car, from companies like GSF & ECP and if you did find one it will be for a non-sport/se version and with that will give you the incorrect ride high. Audi don't stock springs, they would have to be ordered. You may be lucky and they have them at the distribution centre, if not your looking at a 5/10 day lead time as they will be shipped from Germany.

Another option is to get something like an eibach Pro, you will have to get a full set but if one spring has failed then the other won't be far off, and it's always best to replace in pairs.
Thanx for your reply. I've found that out but also found it hard to find after market for quarto.
Think I'll use Audi. Would like to keep car original as in time to come this may become a classic.
The more classic (older) the car gets the harder it will be to get parts, some interior parts will already be unavailable, and springs etc will also be removed from Audi's spares list as time goes on. If you can afford it and want to keep the car original then it may be wise to get a complete set from Audi. I have a B5 A4 (2000) and have fitted an eibach B12 kit, it give the same ride height as the original sports suspension, but at a fraction of the cost if I was to buy all Audi shocks & springs + if the car is still on original shocks then they will be well past their best.
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Indeed they are exactly the same B12 kits sold by Eibach and Bilstein and their respective part numbers for the kits .
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1 last question if i may!
Will the Ebach springs fit the Audi dampers direct?
Ounce again Thank You.
Your Help and all others on this thread as been amazing. Also the moderators and Mike in Parts.
Thank you Everyone...