A4 b6 1.8t quattro

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Nov 23, 2014
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maidstone kent
Help please I have a a4 1.8t which I've done some work on recently front mount intercooler cam belt water pump new thermostat forge dv new bbt 318b turbo bigger maf and modified airbox I've also removed all check valves and breather prv and fitted a oil catch tank on tick over the thing is smoking really bad and a strong smell of oil it never smoked on old standard turbo I did return turbo to bbt and it was double checked and was given the all OK it's worse when I start it first thing then if I drive for a couple of miles it all clears I actually timed it tonight after driving it.. And after 12 mins it started to pour out a whitey colour smoke and the smell of oil returns I'm loosing no water and don't seem to be using excessive oil