Thinking of an Exhaust Upgrade


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Aug 3, 2006
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I been thinking about upgrading just not sure which to look at or do and how does this effect my Audi warranty I have?

Does a cat back system do anything for the performance or do I need to look at a full system with sport cats and stuff?

Sorry to sound like a totaly newbie, but im still reading up a lot about the VAG engine and stuff, just want some ideas and thoughts please.
no worries, its what the site is for. Cat back will give you a very tiny increase in performance, but you really want to look at a full system, maybe 100 or 200 cell cats as well to make everything "flow" better.

Milltek do a good system for the RS6, maybe worth checking their website out ?
just wonder how it will effect my warranty if i get a full system on the car. Will Audi tell me to take a running jump?
probably, might be worth asking them ?
yer will do when I get back. I wonder if their is any tuning companies that Audi are ok with and will cover under their warranty, eg : BMW have AC, you get anything done by them and you still have your warrant
hi nat

I'm going to Ask local dealer as when RS was launched you could send ECU away and Audi did the biz on it!! covered by warranty
If you replace the exhaust you loose the warranty on the exhaust only!! Extended warranty won't cover exhaust anyway, apart from the cats!!

Anyway worse comes to worse keep old exhaust and refit if major prob happens.

I'm going AMD route if no joy with Audi, Exhaust will different but will also be louder..think of the kids in the car sleeping if too loud...Mrs will beat you if you wake them..:)

What MPG you getting silly quest I know but mine is doing real well, driving like a girl but getting av of 23 mpg!! just about got that out my allroad
Hello m8,

Well let me knwo about the Audi ECU thing as could be interested as well. Very true about the exhaust being louder, but it was the Mrs that said about it, she says you need to hear it more..

Im getting about 20mpg when driving slow, motorways get abotu 23-24 and when I been playing 5-6..

Have to say every time I drive it I get a smile on my face....
natedog said:
Hello m8,

Im getting about 20mpg when driving slow, motorways get abotu 23-24 and when I been playing 5-6..

I must be driving like a girl now my MPG is great 170miles on £40!
Think I need to give hard time again.

Going in to Audi to have rear seat belt replaced under warranty tomorrow
rs6 catback is already 2.5" and your not likely to get more from the engine doing it. its purely a noise thing. look at downpipe and cats if you want more power. try MRC and ask about turbo upgrade