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Nov 20, 2012
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Hastings, East Sussex
I thought it might be useful to remind members of our access criteria as this features in most of the questions I'm asked on the forums. These are the terms given to us by insurers to ensure the scheme works for them and as many of you as possible. Most of these are based on the insurers' risk assessment and claims experience.

Driver Age
This is the main factor that affects whether we can offer a quote. Remember we can insure all the cars in your household, not just the car that inspired you to join the club/forum, so I'll talk generally as well as specifically.

Generally we can insure drivers from age 19 on low powered, low spec, entry level cars under 1100cc such as Renault Clios, Peugeot 106s, that sort of thing - but what about other models and more specifically, this forum's models?

For most other models age 22 is fine but for this forum's main models and similar we'd need you to be 23 with 6 or 12 months' experience (dependent on the exact model) of the car or one like it. For S or RS models it's 25 with 12.

Apart from age, what are the other requirements insurers place on us to keep the scheme viable, regardless of the model of car?

At Chris Knott we love modified vehicles. However, insurers won't allow us to cover vehicles with roll cages, NOS or bhp increases of more than 100 over stock. I know!

No Claims Bonus
We need you to have at least one year's NCB before we can quote and have been fault-claim free for 12 months (outstanding/unsettled claims mean we can't quote even if you're not at fault).

For new policies there is a cap on convictions - we can cover you if there is no more than one SP/PC/PL offence per driver within the last 12 months.

Overnight Parking
For some of the riskier postcodes there is a requirement that the car is parked off road overnight, though for some postcodes the insurer goes further and requires garaging. When assessing postcodes we include the first digit after the space so you're less likely to be affected by a poor neignbouring postcode.

Unfortunately the scheme is not competitive for vehicles valued over £40k though we do have other facilities available, especially for high performance sportscars/supercars that mean we might still be able to help.

If you can comply with this criteria we'd welcome the opportunity to find you a better deal through the scheme which is exclusive to members of car clubs, forums and enthusiast groups. And if we can't help you it's nothing personal. Insurers are looking for safer business of course.

QUOTELINE: 0800 917 2274



"Including declared mods (not fitted yet), they were cheaper!" Duc de Pommfrit, HondaKarma

"Here's an example. Your renewal price for me under £300 (plus breakdown). Swinton phoned me this morning, cheapest they could do was £600." riven1962, C4 Owners Club

"I used these guys for my Focus ST170 they were great and used them ever since, and yesterday got another great quote and took it out for my Coupe :) really good service and prices!!" BionicSi, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club

"I have been using Chris Knott for the past 6 years. They have been able to meet my needs for both my cars, while they are not the absolute cheapest, only by £20 or so, the customer service and policy that I get from them is well worth the extra. I look forward to using them in the years to come." Jason Long, Google Reviews

"Just had a really good quote from Ian at Chris Knott who have smashed my renewal quote and beat off all other competitors also. Had my policy documents through via email not long after I paid over the phone (no charge for using a CC either!). So far I'm really impressed with the service :) Thank you." Funky, Type R Owners Forum