7X8 Rear View Camera Advanced .. Retrofitted!


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Dec 13, 2014
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Yesterday a good friend and I retrofitted the 7X8 Rear View Camera Advanced into my 2015 8K A4 with 3G+ HDD.

All parts used were genuine and looms ran around the car as per factory, coded as usual with VCDS.

Parts needed were;

- New boot lid camera with camera insert from a Tiguan
- Rear view camera control module
- Rear view camera bracket/retainer
- 3 wiring looms to bring everything together. (regrettably Kufatec this time, I usually make my own).

I got the desired result after coding the 6C, 5F and BCM control units.

I do have a DTC in relation to the rear camera calibration but this will be completed by a contact at my local VW dealer this week.

IMG 9106

IMG 9103

IMG 9107
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I think i saw this on facebook earlier, looks great! I've thought about doing it myself, may have to get around to it one day.
Nice. I retrofitted mine a few weeks back. I used a new standard camera and calibrated it myself. Getting the calibration boards made was a real PITA. I still need to get the bracket that hold the module. Did you get it from Audi and was it expensive???
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Bracket is 8K0 907 392 A and was £10.80 inc VAT.
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Rear camera calibrated last week, now no DTCs relating to the camera.

Another one ticked off the list! :)
Good work! :)
I’m a planning on doing this to mine, although it’s a year older than yours @ 2014 8K A4 w/ 3G HDD and Parking Sensors F&R (doesn’t have SIM slot so not sure if it is a 3G or 3G+?)

Could you please list the part numbers of the camera and reverse camera module used in your install?

Also, the coding changes that you made? :)

I did a similar install to my previous car, a 2010 8P A3 w/ Navi using Audi R8 parts without too many issues so I would imagine this to be easier :D

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I just want to add, I’ve done ALOT of research and found information relating to B8 (not B8.5) or installs using aftermarket parts, your thread seems to be identical to my set up.

...and last but not least, I read that the camera image doesn’t display automatically on 2013+ models and requires pressing of the button on the Navi - is this happening on yours?

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This is info I was able to gather so far:

RVC Controller:
8T0 907 441B
8T0 907 441C (fitted to 2013 a5 so should be compatible with mine?)
8T0 907 441D (is this a revised/newer/compatible part?)

RVC Controller Bracket:
8K0 907 392 A (taken from this thread)

5N0827566AB (updated part - better resolution?)

Wiring Harness:

Am I able to use 8T0 (A5) or 8R0 (Q5)
Controllers on 8K0 (A4)?

Is anyone able to tell me the part number of their Reverse Camera module on their B8.5? ...I don’t have access to ETKA :(

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I’ll keep updating this thread with info gathered from my research :)

It turns out Controller ending D is not compatible with B8/8.5 platform, I’ve managed to source a C Controller from the US decent money.

The RVC controller has no component protection so that a relief.

Coding tip taken from another thread on here (thanks :))
With VCDS go to Controller 09 Central Electrics, then Long Coding, Long Coding Helper.
Select Byte 35 and tick bit 4. If bit 4 is not available as it was on mine, select "LCode2" on the top menu which should allow you to select Bit 4. This will change the HEX value to 34. Once Coded you need to go into the Parking Sensor Menu on the MMi, then disable Display and then re-enable the display (This is very important!)
The Reverse Camera will now be the default when reverse is selected and the OPC display will show on the right side over the camera image.

Make sure 6C is ticked in CAN gateway Installation list.
Make sure 5F is coded for byte 7, bit 1. Reboot MMI. Make sure 6C is coded correctly.

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Make a full step by step guide and people will love you. I will love you :friends:. I have been looking at this and it doesn't seem like a hard retrofit just need to know what is fully required. Good work and well done on getting it done!
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I am also looking to retrofit RVC to my 2014 A4 Avant (facelift).

Just wondering which parts you went for in the end, and did it all work?

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I went with:

8T0 907 441C (My was from A5 as it was coded to that when i got it)
5N0827566AB (Only one i could find)
Wiring Harness:

8K0 907 392 A (I bought one from audi but i already had one in the boot! so i would check it first!)
I could sell the bracket.

Not a bad install.

Thank you.
Brilliant thank you.

Good to know the 5N0827566AB works as I have been trying to find AA and it seems difficult.

Did you manage to calibrate the camera yourself to make it work with the A4 not the A5?

The camera will work without calibration. If you recode the camera module it will then throw a calibration error.
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It works fine without calibration only thing it comes up with error with VCDS that it needs doing but not a problem what so ever. Yes had to code it with VCDS but not a problem at all. I did have to speak to KUFATEC as the MMI kept rebooting when i put it in reverse. Sent them all the VCDS coding and they told me what i didn't do correctly and after 5mins it was sorted. Good retrofit but make sure when you order the cable tell them its for a RHD as they will send you LHD cable which is a little shorter!
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I’ve bought several cables from them. All LHD, not really an issue (apart from side assist cable) glad to see that are now making cables for RHD cars.
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You can do
The calibration yourself. Need to print a calibration chart and position behind the car. The PDF is online if you search around.
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Yeah i did print the pdf and had it even printed but never got around to doing it.
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Thanks all for your help. Got it installed in my A4 B8.5 Avant and calibrated. Works great, really happy. Got all the parts for under £250.

In all it took about 9 hours to do, although I was going slow as hadn't removed many of the bits of trim before. Because my car is a RHD I tapped into the CAN bridge at the bottom of the drivers side A pillar, rather than following the instructions to use the passenger side one. The worst part was removing the old boot handle. Even after undoing the bolts there are 2 clips on the side which I couldn't undo as it was all boxed in, it took A LOT of force to break them off, eventually it did come out.

A local print shop printed out the PDF on one bit of paper for £5, much cheaper than going to a garage.

Final parts are below:

Rear Camera - 5N0 827 566 AA
Camera Module - 8T0 907 441C (Hardware number is 4L0 907 441 B)
Calibration Board - VAS 6350
Plus the Kufatec wiring loom

Module Bracket - 8K0907392A (haven't got this yet, cable ties are working fine)