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272TDI = Poor MPG

Big Nee Oct 26, 2018

  1. Big Nee

    Big Nee New Member


    Picked up a facelifted A7 on a 64 plate 2 weeks ago and i am surprised at the poor MPG i am seeing.

    On a carefully dirven run of 10 miles (7 of which is 60mph duel carriageway) and the rest country lanes i am getting around 34MPG in auto mode and around 37 MPG in economy mode. Around town i am getting late 2os in auto mode.

    Is this normal?? because i am reaging of MPGs averaging 38 and mid 40s on a run in the same engine. My colleague has a 63 plate biTDI and averages 38 all day long ....

    Do i need to flag this to Audi (its under warranty) or live with it and look at a remap ??

    Thoughts Appreciated

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  3. paultaylor

    paultaylor Active Member

    I have a facelift A6 272.

    I can get 50mpg if I crawl to work on the motorway in economy mode and try to let the coast mode save fuel.

    If I drive normal enough I can get 41

    If I cruise at 80-100 mph motorways I can get 36

    I don’t do much stop start driving so don’t really know yet.

    Hope this helps
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  4. Baka

    Baka Active Member

    Diesels aren't great at short distances, especially when it's cold, if you kept going for another ten miles you'd get much better figures!

    When I went down the shops (12 miles) in my 6 pot diesel, it would be reading about 33, by the time i got back home it would be more like 39.
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  5. desertstorm

    desertstorm Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User TDi Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro

    As above diesel fuel economy goes down the pan in the winter especially on short trips and even more so on larger diesel engines. Another thing that doesn't help is the change to winter diesel that doesn't have quite the same energy content as summer diesel.
    See this every year when the weather starts to cool down. Suddenly there's something wrong with the car because the mpg has dropped. If you hold onto the car till the summer you will see figures you might expect. In the meantime check the tyre pressures when they are cold. You may be surprised how low they are.
  6. Big Nee

    Big Nee New Member

    Good shout on the tyres - ill check later ;)

    BTW i now udnerstand why my previous BMW diesal were loads quicker on a hot summers day !!!

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