Audi A4 avant juddering in first gear help


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Jul 21, 2014
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hi folks as some of you are aware I bought a Audi A4 avant black edition less than 2 months ago and everything was fine until a month ago and I have been noticing this first gear juddering come off junctions pulling off from traffic etc its annoy so took it back to the garage there is nothing wrong with the car we can't feel anything. So I left it for 2 weeks went back today with it and final the mechanic can feel a judder in 1st which I think and plenty other people I have spoken to have said its a dual mass flywheel judder but there mechanic says it feels like the clutch plate.

Now the thing is I don't want to pay a bill for the garage or Audi to go look at it and say oh it's the clutch or clutch plate and its general wear and tear and it's not covered under warranty as the bill will be very big just less than £2000 for a car I've had less than 2 months.

I'm lost with what to do.does anyone have any advice etc as some people are telling me that this should be covered under that garages warranty etc many thanks Kev
Was it bought from Audi dealership .?Play on the fact that you only had it 2 months and garages harp on about their 142 point checks that they ask what checks did they do on the clutch .!
1st gear judder usually indicates Flywheel has high spots
Wasn't bought from Audi bought from another garage but full service history etc. Got a little bit further today manage to get the garage to put it to Audi and for them to pay the bill for them to check over the car to diagnose the problem.

The flywheel has high spots ? So what like wrapped or how would it get high spots ? Thanks for he help carry on with the reply of help Hank's
yes warped, it's usually from getting too hot, just like what happens when you get your brake disks too hot