open and closure of the windows with key fob-S3


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Nov 4, 2003
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S tAlbans
Please help...
My electrics went beserk and ended up having a new battery.However, the closure of the windows could be closed via pressing and holding of the feyfob but it doesn't work with the opening of the windows. I know it worked before but after changing the new battery it doesn't.
Can anyone advise .....need a vag com cable?

Many thanks
yeah i think it needs to be reprogrammed
I think you just need to reset the window open/close function.
Can't remember the exact process, but try opening and closing the windows using the key in the drivers door, hold it to the left to open and right to close
On my A4 I had to open every window to its full extent then close them using the drivers armrest buttons this got mine working again.
Mine did this after I had the battery disconnected. There is instructions in the drivers manual which I followed, and it works fine again now.
Cant rememeber exactly what i did, but if you havent got a manual, I'll take a look again and post details.
The procedure to restore auto windows is simple, make sure the drivers side window is fully up and in the closed position, then hold the electric window butto up/close for 2 secs and it's done! Not sure why the manual tells you to wind the windows all the way down and back up for though?!