Show Us Your 'Flake Pop' Shots

IMG 0206
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IMG 0473   Flake

Not easy on white, but I'm trying. :)

I'll have another go if the sun comes out this weekend as it's had a polish and sealant applied since then.
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Trying to get a decent shot on white really is rubbish. It's confused the camera to hell;

IMG 0776   Pop Roof

Do wheels count? :)

IMG 0779   Pop Wheel
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IMG 0268

IMG 0269
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78AB5F80 9791 4B98 A2D1 B7F68D4F3DDF

1A9E0CBE 6F4E 494C 99D7 C8FA11DFA126
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SEAT mystery blue flake pop :thumbs up:

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@Bristle Hound
Looks Well Good . Your Own Detailing.
Is She Quick
AndyF Team Navarra
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20180405 133930
Navarra Blue "Flakes 'A' Poppin" !!!!
AndyF Team Navarra
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F9B6A7BA 2EB0 49C0 BD72 F1E2C623052E

45536214 3689 4B76 9A96 EE4D22249C4D
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I thought I'd try again. But as white is the worst for this it might be a bit of a let down. :)

11   Flake 1

When I took this picture I had a full on panic thinking I had some very bad marring on the paintwork. It was only when I went back to check that I realised the sun was actually behind a cloud and this was reflecting in the paint. :)
12   Flake 2

13   Flake 3
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Must be time for another round of panther loveliness then before the sun goes away for the next 11 months
20180506 114854 3024x2268
20170501 192345 3024x2268
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Dytona grey pearl zoomed in

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No ara numbers on here, that will surely pop like something not right......
Some autumn pop!

IMG 20181031 103537
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Flake pop from the wife's new metallic artic white Captur in the sun this afternoon :thumbs up:

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My A6 Avant in floret silver

106EDA31 481B 422D 9700 5596310C00DE
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Some winter pop!

IMG 20190128 123950
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Surely it's popping season?

Here is a new entry for pop charts this spring.

IMG 20190417 144131
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Floret Silver, very hard to capture.

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20190429 071421
Hard to catch in Navarra
AndyF Team Navarra
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Navarra Blue after a ‘quick’ wash and a QD spray all over. Love this colour


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Its Graft at every detail
but worth it with geart results
AndyF Team Navarraaaaaaaaa !!
20190609 160945

Hard to catch in Navarra Blue
AndyF Team Navarra
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Not the best pic, but BMW Carbon Black

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Floret silver Boot spoiler from my A6 Avant.

78CA80F8 6CF6 4B88 8F1C 20C90496116D
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After all the recent sun, I’m surprised we haven’t had some flake pics posted.

Ara doing what is does best :yes:

DE94B6FE D352 4F41 A609 2606D5C4A5BE
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