Show Us Your 'Flake Pop' Shots

Bristle Hound

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Jul 30, 2014
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Lets see those 'flake pop' pic's peoples

Sepang blue on my S4 -

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It's raining at the moment so this is the best I can do until the sun comes out!
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Loving the flake pop. Like you I have sepang blue, but it's never looked like that - I must try harder. Mind you, the weather has been poor in Scotland lately.
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Daytona Grey pearl :-


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50/50 sun/shade flake pop shot of our old metallic midnight black MINI JCW ;)

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Does this count? Hard to get a flake shot with not a lot of sun on old paint. 2005 s4.


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A bit better after a quick wash earlier..

Ebony Black Pearl.

IMG 20160429 115001
IMG 20160429 115041

And then a quick zoom in.

Screenshot 20160429 182507
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Close up of my 2003 plate S3. Needs a good machine polishing, previous owner neglected the poor thing, as you can see various swirls :(

Plenty of flake pop though! :)

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Sepang under Swissvax Mirage wax and Koch Chemie 1K Nano sealant :D

20160717 135518
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Some more panther pop..



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Another for Daytona fans, zoom in to the photo and see how many colours you can find :-

IMG 0163
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The wife's Java green TT

IMG 2287

And a poor quality picture of my Sepang S3

IMG 2116
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different angles to catch all the flake for all of you keen eyed detailers ;)


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20160821 150924
20160821 150728
20160821 150728

A bit flakie ha ha Andy F
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Miles behind you boys and needs a wash,can't get the tight angle AndyF
20160821 160835
20160824 154551
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Just a quick shot as the car really popped when I was walking away from it just now.
Not the usual... Glacier White:

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Popping today boys
AndyF :blackrs4:
20160911 111631
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20160911 111620
A flakie reflection lol
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My S4 with a coat of Infinity Wax Rapid Detailer applied today

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Daytona grey pearl effect sparkles shot

IMG 1280
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IMG 1317
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The wife's new white silver/black F55 MINI Cooper S 5 door

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The wife's new white silver/black F55 MINI Cooper S 5 door

Beautiful paint. I see you have gone back to the MINI scene! We love them to - had three of them so far, and there is always the likely hood that the other half will fancy a fourth at some stage. Are you back on TM?
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Beautiful paint. I see you have gone back to the MINI scene! We love them to - had three of them so far, and there is always the likely hood that the other half will fancy a fourth at some stage. Are you back on TM?
@SPIKE_S1 - You wouldn't believe how hard its been to get a flake pop pic onthe white silver lol

Couldn't resist a mega cheap 2 year lease deal on the MINI TBH
The new 2 litre turbo petrol engine in it is a real peach. Very torque'y

More pic's here -

I'm back on tM but its like a ghost town now, so don't tend to bother on there anymore


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