I've had an S3 for the day.

You only need to look at the amount of people who make the move from S3 to RS3 to cement the fact that it is a better car. Night and day I would hasten to add (8P, no experience of the 8V).

It's really sad that these S3 owners feel the need to bash on something like they do. I'm sure they are the minority though as I have come across many who understand and appreciate the RS3 for the superb car it is.

And just to add, my god there are some seriously skewed reviews of the RS3 out there! I'm all for the right to express ones opinion but when that opinion is so contrary to the facts questions have to be asked. I remember Chris Harris making a big deal out of how bad the suspension was on the 8P when the sport button was pressed... urm ok ;)
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