Dodgy scraping, wobbles and power fluctuations


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Mar 27, 2016
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Hello Hello,

Seeing as it's Easter Sunday and there's no one to ask I hope someone here can clear a few things up.

I've got a Audi A4 estate Tdi 1.9 04 plate..been a good motor so far but I may have been pushing it a bit hard on a 700 mile two day trip around the country. Once the dust had settled and I was letting it chill the hell out on my drive before shutting her down, I noticed my lights flickering, a noticeable shaking whilst idle and more reason for concern something is squeeking / scraping which wasn't before again whilst idle..:the belt seems taught and it was changed only 8,000 miles ago and the car has only done just shy of 80,000..oh and also when I accelerate gently whilst in neutral my battery light comes on......???!?!?!?

All very peculiar and would appreciate any advice before going to the garage..
Not sure about the lights but the shuddering scraping sounds like the duel mass clutch on it's way out
It does indeed, parts alone for my 3.0 tdi are £550 + vat, mines being done in a couple of weeks or so.