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Nov 19, 2015
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Anyone done a dsg reset on vagcom on s3 8p? Can I do the reset via vagcom even tho the car is running revo dsg software?
I've done it on mine and yes don't see why you shouldn't be able to reset it. The aftermarket map changes the mapping and what gear the car should be in at what time etc not the functionality itself.
I'll give it a go then. Is it a hard process?
It'll be on the rosstech site,its long winded so I would do it with a mate looking over your shoulder.
Its pretty straight forward to do. Ive done it twice while having APR DSG tune with no issues,
I have to ask why? here's my thoughts...I suppose you have jerkiness or whatever with your shifting. You will reset it to factory and yes it will appear to be smoother for awhile but IIRC, the dsg responds to your driving style and then uses preprogrammed algorithms to respond to your driving. It does not learn to adapt to your driving and then copy it like artifical intelligence. It just responds to your driving and then applies the closest algorithm that's programmed into the dsg. So if you don't change your driving habits, then eventually you will have the same issue. So the real issue is it's not a dsg issue but a driver issue. therefore, if you want a different response, then you need a different driving style which will be frustrating as you will have to constantly think how you drove before and then not repeat that style. Maybe I am off my rocker here so others will chime in to correct me. For me, I never drive in D, always use the paddles and just beat on it.

In addition, S mode is fine when using the twisties i.e foot off and on the accelerator but not when driving with the foot on the gas all the time. IIRC, there is some braking aspect with the S mode but its foggy. DSG in D mode is there for 2 reasons only, to save money and for those who are lazy on that day of driving. If you really want a better DSG, then consider a remapas you may have already done. My carpal tunnel is kicking in so bye bye
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