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Dec 31, 2015
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My drivers door handle trim is a bit loose and rattly - have had a look to try and see if there's anything that could be tightened but i'm not sure how it even attaches - anyone know?

20160320_192829 by wjheenan, on Flickr
This is similar to how I did mine CLICKY

As this if for a LHD car the direction to slide it out will be the opposite direction.

Here's a basic picture also.....trying to find the how to I used as it was simple to follow.

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Top man! What sort of adhesive did you use, something properly strong?
I used a little piece of doubled sided moulding tape on these raised bits in case I needed to remove them for any reason at a later raised it a little but over time it's settled down but the main thing is no more rattling. Doesn't need to be strong as the plastic parts have just worn down a little.

At not the only one with this problem lol
I think ill be sortiny it out
had the same irrating problem with my drivers side , rattled from the day I got the car until a few months ago, as already mentioned took of handle applied some super sticky double sided tape and it has been silent ever since, not a peep from it.

nice easy and effective fix, oh and cheap too which is very unuasual for most audi
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