my first audi a3 sportback


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Nov 24, 2015
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Picked up a 2010 white sportback 1.6 technik in dec. First thing was MOT in jan and a new set of front break pads.

Car had 34k on clock it now has 38k on the clock.

First mod was full interior and exterior lights from tu8ps. Ill get some pics up tonight. The crisp white light really complements the white and the day time running lights look great now.

Then i bought 3d metal pressed plates and put them on.

I then bought 18" bbs ch alloys of a memeber on here. Very good condition on contact sport 5 tyres so changed them over this week.

Gave the car a wash and polish yest.

I have eibach 30mm springs due to go on in 2 weeks and cant wait.

Tomorrow i plan to debadge the a3 and 1.6 badge.

Next mod planned is lightly tint back 5 windows to look like oem privacy glass then possibly a rs3 style grill.

I only have one dirty pic of the car when i got it and a few a took this morning after wash, new wheels and new plates.


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In regards to tints I wouldn't go darker than 35%, ive got that on my car and love it, looks oem too. Most black edition audis have 20% but that's an actual tinted window and not a film. I feel 20% tint is too dark, to each their own obviously, but I recommend 35%
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thanks for the advise. ill go for that as I dont want the dark look. I want as oem as possible. which is why I think i will not go for wind deflectors.

tints and grill next
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Yes 35% is great especially on a white car it'll look dark as it is due to the contrast. I feel wind deflectors are for 3 doors don't look as good on 5 doors. Other than that keep us updated!
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Will do. I dont plan on doing much as its only my first car and plan to keep it for 2 years to get insurance down then moving onot a a4 2.0 quattro sepang blue or gunmetal grey
Will do. I dont plan on doing much as its only my first car and plan to keep it for 2 years to get insurance down then moving onot a a4 2.0 quattro sepang blue or gunmetal grey

First car? Damn some people are lucky. My first car was a ****** 03 plate seat Ibiza 1.4 and even then I paid an arm and a leg for insurance lol
Yea I got it for 8k with 34k on the clokc in mint conditon. My insurance was 970 as its my first year in my own name. been driving my wifes fiesta for the past 3 years.

I will keep this until my insurance goes down so i can get a proper turbo engine not this wee 105bhp thing
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Haha! Tbh the 105 engine remapped to approx 140 is much nicer to drive, I've had that done to mine. Just a thought.
i wouldnt gain that much bhp my isnt the tfsi model its N/A
What do you mean? I have the 1.9tdi and mine mapped to 140 from 105 and more torque not sure how much though, I'd have to look at my print out
Mine is the petrol non turbo mate. so engine wont be changing
thanks mate. 30mm springs all round next month and the windows done.

Next after that a new rs3 grill and hopfully a arm rest when i come across one with new pedals and gear knob.

other mod ive done i forgot was oem winter mats
Ohhh, okay I thought you said you have the TFSI engine lol
Some pictures of the new bulbs fitted.

Plans for tomorrow to debadge the rear and buy some alloy wheel cleaner, brush and protector/sealant of some kind and give them a good scrub.


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So this weekend it was just a wash and remove the rear a3 and 1.6 badge which I think makes the back look a whole lot tidier.

I'm getting lowering springs fitted April 15th so will post up pictures then. Should I buy spacers if so what type and size?

Window tints hopefully first week of may and a rs3 grill


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