Childish drag race with the boss


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Aug 31, 2014
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So last night the boss and I left at the same time, but in different areas of the car park....... Got down the road onto the dual carriageway and a little while later low and behold he pulled up beside me in his '15 Golf GTI (performance pack). We gave a knowing look to each other at the lights........ Then they changed........

He dusted me.......

Sod's law, my car had heated up enough in that time that the fecking stop start kicked in at THAT EXACT moment !

Got to the next set of reds, and he was actually laughing shaking his head when I pulled up. . . Git

I was ready though. Start stop off, TC off, lights turned green...... Boom, for the first second we were side by side, then it was no contest, within about 6 seconds I was 2 cars ahead..... And that was enough for me, in my big fat diesel ....... Victory.

I did it again at the next set of lights just to get a 2/1 result!

I have my review today, so hopefully it won't make too much of an impact on my bonus or salary increase - but even if it does it was worth it. . . !

(No doubt he will have tonnes of excuses, and will probably suggest how it could have gone with a few corners etc) but it made my day, probably whole week!
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Review done. Got the bonus, and salary increase. But a throw away comment at the end surrounding he's due a new car in 3 months, and may have to review my car allowance at the same time was priceless.......
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You are not going to believe this. He's just pulled us into a room, and he's resigned!!!!!!

no joke.

Tis a weird day indeed.