Cannot find reasonable insurance


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Feb 8, 2016
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I got a Audi A3 1998 3dr 1.6 and I'm 18 just passed, I've been doing quotes almost everywhere and for a first car I'm getting the cheapest quote back being at 5 grand?! I done a quote seeing what it would cost to put my step dad as main driver and go on his insurance it was 25 pound a month for him to insure it without out me, soo as I put myself as named driver it put it up to 5 grand again, I know Audi of course wouldn't be cheapest car to insure first but 5 grand being a named driver is shocking, pretty much is it worth giving up getting rid of the car :( or a chance I could get a reasonable insurance? I'm willing to pay up too £2.500 on my own policy? Will go with being named driver on parents but is it even possible to get cheaper? Cheers!
I would see about getting a box fitted but the engines size I think is too big as a first car,my experience is you start with a one litre
Another example of insurers rating on the riskiest driver rather than the main driver - removes the risk of fronting. The advice above is good - get something low powered, agree to a black box. If you can pick a car that's not popular there'll be less claims stats for those too.
I assumed an Audi wouldn't be such a popular car for that reason though? I can insure a 1.6 bmw compact for just under 2 grand so that fact I cannot insure Audi for less than 5 grand is absoloutly ridiculous, think the Audi will have to be a project car for a year and I'll have to buy a little cheap run around :( but overall chances are I won't be able to get it down much more than 5 grand even being a named driver then? :/