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Dec 31, 2015
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Put some LED sides in last night and it didn't go too well.

Did the right first and it came on for about 30 secs then went off and wouldn't come back on at all.

Did the left and that was OK at first, but then it started going off after about 30 seconds. I noticed that even with the ignition and lights off, the LED was pulsing slightly when installing.

I tried putting the halogen back in the right hand side but that wouldn't work at all.

A few older forum posts seemed to indicate some B7 owners had problems with LEDs and ended up going back to halogens, but others were fine. Am I likely to have done something stupid like fecked the wires or will life be easier with halogens?

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So the sidelights no longer work with standard bulbs is that correct?
Only tried the right one with the halogen back in and it didn't work, didn't change the other side as wasn't aware it was cutting out until I went to leave the garage.

I'm going to try turning the LEDs round 180 degrees and seeing if that work later.
I had a similar problem. And despite them being error free. It wasn't to be. So I was supplied a loom to trick the system into thinking I had normal side light bulbs. Got all mine done through T8ups on the forum. He's the man to chat to.
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Try to turning 180 degrees because halogen don't have polarization but led yes.
Well I've just tried to fit ERROR side lights today and guess what, the ****** well arnt, they worked but the car hated them.

Also had the same issue as you Mate, when I installed the halogen ones the car still threw a fit, turns out the bulbs weren't seating correctly as the led's were slightly larger at the base and pushed the prongs out, bit of fiddling and everything's fine now, also the car blew one of the halogens after swapping the LED so may be Worthing trying new bulbs.
I got some Philips halogens and they worked fine, so knew it wasn't the wires, tried putting the LEDs back in and only one bulb would work, tried switching it left to right and then changing it 180 degrees but one just wouldn't play ball.

Changed my dipped beam while I was at it. Not quite crisp LED white but better than it was before.

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So are the sidelights working with halogen bulbs in or not?
Yeah they're working with two halogens in, one halogen one LED didn't
All that panic over a dud LED then. Was a bit anxious today in case i'd knackered the wiring and it was going to end up being a garage job
Must be mate. If the bulb holder works fine with the halogens but not with that led then can't be owt else.
Before I fitted ballasts to my LED sidelights one of mine would turn off....apparently it's an Audi thing that turns the power off.
As above so fitted a trick loom. Works fine. I have now fitted led's in my boot, rear number plate, interior, glove box and vanity mirrors to.

The interior ones are so cool in the dark. Looks good against my black leather interior..
I fitted them on mine,no issues. In fact the biggest issue was getting the bulb holder out but once that was sorted the leds went in and jobs a good one,look great too!
Few quid for t10 led cancellers


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