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Jul 27, 2006
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My new car a3 sline quatro 2.0t is coming up for 1000 miles and I was wondering which remap to go for . Revo AMD APR etc.

Would be interested in hearing peoples first hand experiences.

I am concerned about the dealer being able to update/reflash the software on the ecu after its been remapped. Is there any truth in this ?
So the dealer still can update the numerous other parameters of the car via the ecu after its been remapped.

Lol its all a bit confusing. I have been tempted by a Revo remap with the switch but am a bit concerned as to the implications as the cars only a month old
It's a bit obvious the remap I would recommend!

My 2.0TDi was remapped at 2 months old, overall mileage since I bought it in September 05 12,800 miles, average mpg over that distance, 49.4mpg and I don't drive it slowly. The best real world car I've ever had. The DSG gearbox is excellent.

To answer your question, if a dealer reflashes the ecu after a remap and clears the remap, we restore the remap without charge, as we keep a detailed log of the remap for each car.

Whichever of the mainstream remaps you choose, you won't regret it.
I have a 2.0T S-line remapped revo stage 1, love the extra torque, brilliant thrill, press the accelerator for a joke sometimes just to feel the g-force. I dont know what amd or the others are like, but its well worth getting a remap.

First post... Be gentle! Have an S-Line Spec/Ed 2.0 TFSI Quattro w/1,800 miles and am thinking of getting it Revo'd. Have read loadsa threads about trashed clutches and the like! What's the verdict? Many threads say the Revo remap is great, but not sure I wanna splash out over a grand on a new clutch in however long - although maybe warranty might cough!

Any thoughts? Cheers!
I would imagine that the cluch life is solely down to how you treat the car .

If you do loads of fast standing starts the clutch is going to suffer especially on a quattro. Drive with a bit of sympathy and I imagine it would last a reasonable time.

Seems like the Revo map sounds good . Just still a bit sceptical as to whether the servicing dealer can see the map when its been switched back to standard mode. I was also concerned about the dealer being able to update the ecu if it had been mapped.
Yeah, true I guess, but there's a hell of a lot more torque to deal with on even the stage 1 Revo remap! Wonder how the clutch would cope over a period of time...

As far as I am aware, the remap is totally invisible to a dealer. But unless it was switched back to "stock" setting, they would tell on a test drive.
I am concerned about the head gasket , turbo and wondering if running more boost is going to cause blow by and hoping that the standard oil breather can cope aswell as the clutch
I have a Golf TD and thats just been remapped by Superchips and there bluefin device. Personally I would always reccomend them although I would be willing to try REVO, Its probably a Pepsi / Coke thing. One thing you cannot argue with is Superchips customer service.
Not really too bothered about a Revo or Superchips installation, although Clive Atthowe here in Norwich did suggest Revo is the preferred method for VAG cars. Quite like the idea of being able to disable it for service/dealer visits too. Just concerned about longer term issues with increased strain on engine and other components (eg clutch/drive train). The new S3 allegedly has uprated engine components, etc to cope with its 265BHP...!
Cant reccommend Clive enough, always have used Clive and his team for service and Tuning of my cars.

Revo is ideal as stated above :)
You can instsall / remove superchips map using bluefin although I think its only available for the 2.0 TDi at the moment. Superchips also mapped the VW Racing DSG Golf GTi and they haven't had any issues with that. Price for Bluefin is £599 but most forums will get a discount.
I have bitten the bullet and booked my car in for a revo remap and also purchased the select switch thing.

Anyone know how these switches work ?
As I understand it the ECU has both the standard and uprated remap on it and the switch selects which of these maps is used.

MikeP is out friendly Revo dealer and I am sure he will be along to put us straight.

I covered 65K in my Golf Gti 1.8T and that was running 227bhp without any issues.

Covered about 15K in my Tdi now with the revo code and so far so good :D

Hi Guys

The SPS1 switch activates a software gate in the ecu to change between the std and Revo maps. The std and Revo maps occupy different areas on the EEPROM and the switch changes the pointer to the map to be used. If you have a 2 stage remap an additional switch setting is used. Simple as that!
Any idea of the boost pressure run on a revo'd 2.0t ?
Hey guys,
just got off the phone with a guy from superchips london, based in Uxbridge. He is doing full remap with rolling road figures before and after for around £450 plus he will give a 2 week money back guarantee if ya don't like it!

Im getting mine done next month :superman:
Is that Power Engineering in Uxbridge ?

If so they do a goos job and have done loads of work on my previous cars all with good results
thanks for that thats
good to know that its not a ridiculous amount and am not going to have more fuel in my sump than oil :biggrin:
I've just bought the Revo switch to switch the "map" back to std as it's approaching a service, I thought I had better try it before the date gets too close just in case it didn't work, I can report it did work OK, but the difference when I put it to std was amazing, you just forget over time just what an increase you do get.............................
its important to be able to switch back to standard,, Trust me as i lost my 3 year wARRANTY

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