Oil Sensor + Cruis Control Problems (after new ECU)


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Jun 18, 2004
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Anyone know where Oil sensor is and how to replace it ?? keeps coming on everynow and again and is driving me mad

Also, I have now had a new ECU fitted and had the remap switched, now my Cruise Control doesnt work - is it poss these are linked ??
It worked fine before the ECU died

I called the guys who fitted the new ECU and they told me to check the fuses and something may have shorted when they switched over the box but I have been unable to find any fuse that is for Cruise Control ??

Help appreciated,
Wouldnt the ECU need to have all the settings and stuff swapped over? Like enabling Cruise Control?! If you paid someone to fit it and it's not working as it should just take it back to them.
god_thats_quick said:
I would imagine the new ECU needs to be told that there is cruise control attached to it... as 265stw says if it was me i'd expect whoever replaced the ECU to sort that problem out.

yes that is exactly what I was thinking - I will call them today.

Nayone got any ideas on Oil sensor ? light and beep is driving me nuts