New wheels pic and new brakes info needed


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Jan 5, 2016
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So after putting these wheels on i now have a huge view of my tiny conviently worn out disks .Anyone bought any nicer looking disks for the b7 avant tdi? Of so what and we're they any Good and ££££??
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Your front discs are probably 280mm. May be 288mm. An easy upgrade is to fit standard brakes from a 2.0tfsi - that will give you 320mm discs. They're a straight swap... Just need calipers and caliper carriers (along with discs and pads obviously). If you want to do the rear as well, same principle applies... Takes them to 288 on the rear (from 245 I think). Off you're after fancier looks, then just make sure you get the special edition front discs... They were/are drilled as standard.

If interested I've got a set of 320mm calipers for sale at the moment. Pm me!

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