A5 3 door coupe 2015 interior LEDs

Gary pa28

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May 16, 2015
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I am after swapping all the interior bulbs for LED ,car has not got lighting pack just standard ,as I haven't got car yet I'm not sure how many or type required ,

Do I need number plate bulbs also

Please can you advise on price ,quantity required

Hi @Gary pa28

Cars with no light pack is £29, in there you will get the sunvisors, front map, rear map, front dome and boot lights.

All plug and play and error free.

No led plate lights will be needed as a 2015 car will have them, you can do the fog lights to ice white tho as they will be yellow, my versions are £15 and postage to add these to the int kit is £2.35.

Any other questions then please ask.

Hi trups
Received the LEDS and installed today ,
Front I installed 2 festoon ,the ones that have an aliminium block on them and 2 map reading LEDS
Rear ,2 map reading LEDS

Question - I thought the one with the Wire might be for the boot and its correct fitting but it won't fit even inside the bulb holder.

Can you advise me if there is a way of it fitting ,or is it the wrong bulb

EDIT- just realised I haven't changed sun visors ,so ignore them in photo .


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Just looked at another post and I was correct it's for the boot but it's to big just won't slide under the bulb holder needs to be shorter
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