will 8L S3 calipers fitt 8P 2.0 tdi


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Mar 2, 2011
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bury st edmunds
as the thread says ... i have some 2002 audi s2 8l calipers and discs that i had fitted to an 2004 ibiza fr. the fr was witten off and i had only just refurbed the s3 calipers so removed them before vehicle was scrapped. ive brought another 2005 2.0 tdi sport 8p a3 and want know if they will fitt. the discs are mintex and have multi fittment holes so pcd isnt an issue for discs but will the calipers fitt?
ive searched loads and cant find an answer... the tdi brakes are awful so need something better but cant pay 300-400 for newer s3 brakes and i dont want big multiple piston setups just need know if the bigger piston old s3 ones i have will fitt????
No unfortunately they won't fit.
What size discs do you have at present? If they are smaller than 312mm you could always simply buy the larger carriers to upgrade to 312mm?
not sure just the standard tiny ones!! is it the 8l calipers that wont fitt or the 8l carriers?