All you need to know about B7 front bumper grilles, well allmost all.

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Looking for info on A4 B7 chassis front grille selection , fitment and OEM part numbers, well here you go.

Please note: i have tried to make this as accurate as possible but please double check any part numbers yourself to ensure you are using or thinking of obtaining the correct parts for your project or repair/replacement.

This thread is not intended to be a full breakdown of what is needed or can be sourced , but rather it is intended to help making the whole grille subject a little more user freindly.
So where to start then.

firstly one needs to correctly identify which bumper one currently has fitted to ones A4 B7 or variant of it, this can be a little confusing at first , but all will become clear shortly.

The A4 B7 platform in both saloon and avant bodyshell can be supplied with two different front bumpers and therefore two different grilles, the cab variant also can be fitted with two different bumpers with different grills.

The S4 B7 only comes with one bumper type which is the s-line version and has very similar design grille as the normal s-line ,and i will clarify the RS4 bumper and its connections to the above shortly.
So to the basics of things.

Any descision one makes towards grille choice etc will be dependant on what bumper is fitted to ones choosen model of A4, as allready mentioned above two differing bumpers are used on A4 and cabs.

If your choosen model of A4 B7 is an s-line bodywork variant then your front bumper will be an s-line item which will also have the removeable foglamp surrounds, also the bumper lower cooling vent beneath the grill is thinner on the s-line compared to the non s-line which is allmost twice the size , this is why the grille depth is relavant to fitment and is another usefull way to determin what bumper you have.

If your choosen model of A4 B7 does not have s-line bodywork enhancements then you will have a non s-line front bumper , this can be identified by the non removeable foglamp covers.

If your A4 B7 cab is an s-line model you may well have one or the other depending year of manafacture but by using the same identification methods you will easlily be able to identify which one is fitted to your car.

The A4 DTM comes under the non s-line heading as it uses the same size grill , but a specific "DTM" bumper which is only found on the DTM , but this bumper will retro fit to any A4 /S4 B7 variant and that includes the cab Chassis in both A4 & S4 variants. this bumper has specific parts not found on the other bumpers .

Both A4 B7 fitment bumpers look very similar other than the foglamp surrounds, but , there is a big difference in grille dimesions between the two. The S-line version has a deeper grille and surround and therefore will only fit s-line specific bumpers as the bumper has a deeper apperture , the non s-line bumper allthough looks to be the same size , the apperture is not as deep and therefore only non-s-line grilles will fit, the two assemblies are not interchangable between bumpers, well not unless you start modifying them to fit which will invlove cutting them to size to fit, not really the best solution but has been done , and to great success by some users but depends to a greater degree on what grille you are attempting to alter, one cant really cut down a s-line grill to fit a non s-line bumper , but it is possible to modify an rs4 grill to fit a DTM dumper for example.

The Rs4 B7 front bumper is specific to the rs4 and only really fits the rs4 but it does share the same s-line grille form and fixings so is a straight swap across the other A4/S4 B7 models using the s-line bumper.This is a very popular , tried and tested upgrade as the mesh grille design is well suited to the A4/S4 and the fact that it is a perfect fit makes it a problem free fitment.

So now we have hopefully cleared up any issues regarding what fit what now down to the important part.
There are only a few options open to s-line owners with regards to grille choice, you can go with an S4 B7 grille which is similar to the s-line design, the tried and trusted OEM RS4 mesh grill or a third party aftermarket grille( not many around to be honest). Quality of OEM parts will never be in question nor will their fitment, but, the same cant be said for aftermarket grilles so you should ensure which ever one you decide to go with that it is as good a quality part as possible and be aware that it may not fit aswell as an oem part.

There are numerous aftermarket bumper kits available but most still use the s-line grille or have the s-line grille size apperture.

There is a mod for s-line owners that uses an RS6 mesh grill section, this is also a great mod but does require a fair bit of work so not to be taken on lightly.

For owners of non s-line bumpers the choice of grilles is much larger, only the DTM grill will fit from an OEM retro fitment , but third party aftermarket options in many differing patterns and colour/finsh being offered are readily available from numerous internet and web based sites /companies, the same applies really in as much as quality does vary wildy so be aware of possible fitment issues and quality.

Most oem grilles are matt black or a grey tone, and with differing colored /finish surrounds, if you dont like a specific colour surround it can allways be painted or vinyl wrapped to a color of your choice, you can even change the main grille colour if needed .

finally what to do if you have PDC (parking distance control) fitted to your car, well you will need to choose a grill number plate holder that either has the pdc sensor holes allready in it or purchase a grille that has the number plate holder formed as part of the grille with pdc holes pre punched etc, either way there are numerous options to solve most fitting variables.

this is probably only the tip of the iceberg on this subject but i hope it helps clarify this subject a bit more .
I didnt include any pics directly as there are so many out there , a quick search on the net or here on ASN will bring up plenty.

To save making this thread any longer than it is allready i have included some helpfull links for anyone looking to cross refence grilles/filler plates /colors etc to help with parts ordering of oem parts .

Please remember for eg, that one can have an A4 quattro with a non s-line bumper and the same car with an s-line bumper, the key part is the s-line bodywork option as the bumper is relative to that option, and that applies to a lot of a4 model, not all have s-line kit so will have a non s-line bumper.

If you are still unsure which grille you have, which i fully understand maybe the case, use plan "B" just measure it.
S-line grille should be 425mm tall, that is taking a measurment from top to bottom of the innner grill , dont include the surround in any measurement, if you take the measurement from a central width point of the grill , inside bottom edge to top inner edge it should be as above 425mm, approx, if a lot less then its a non s-line grille and bumper. non s-line dtm

thanks for taking the time to read this, and any updates or comments on errors etc would be appreciated.
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excellent info Rob. :) x
Just an additional note regarding the plate holder (apologies if this was already mentioned)...

If it has three screw tabs it's suitable for SE/DTM bumper. If it has four screw tabs, it's suitable for S-Line/RS4 grille.

As for the main grille - if it has two bars (three open rows) between centre and bottom it's an SE/DTM grille. If it has three bars (four open rows) then it's an S-Line grille. That's my quick way of spotting them anyway.

Lastly - the S4 grille has larger rectangles and twin vertical bars compared to an S-Line grille. Above the number plate section the S4 has seven twin vertical bars, the S-Line has eleven single vertical bars.
Related Q. Do the rs4 foglight covers fit an s4 bumper? I've done the big grille and want the foggies to match. Cheers.
nope, they are specific to the RS4 bumper i'm afraid ( not 100% sure but i think they also fit the DTM bumper but may need trimming to fit), the S4 bumper is an S-Line part, you could probably chop the mesh out and use it behind the S-line foglamp covers, but thats about all that will be useable i'm afraid, but expensive bit of mesh that way.
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thanks, you saved me £70 :)
cheers for the info! i was having trouble working out which fits my own,as i wasnt sure i was just gona take my own off and bring it to a body shop and have them spray it black with a high gloss finish. so mines is an a4 b7 s line,so will the s4 b7 oem rs4 mesh grille be a straight swap????
sline = s4 which RS4 works with so should be good. I done the RS4 grille on mine there and all went fine.
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If you are wanting an RS4 style grille but dont fancy waiting for a decent used one to come up and at a sensible price, and dont fancy paying the stealer price for the oem item then this maybe be a solution for you.
targeting B7 S-Line fittment this is an RS4 honeycombe style front grille.
here's the link , have a look and make your own descision , it maybe just what you need, if not then not to worry , just thought i'd put it up for any possible interest.

So what about this honeycomb black gloss grille for the DTM and non sline.
Just purchased.!
Screen shot 2016 02 15 at 205317
as per my info , its a non s-line third party aftermarket item , one of many styles available for any A4 B7 with non s-line bumper which includes the DTM , no use at all for an s-line fitment bumper, nice item though.
I think my brother has an A3 pre-facelift honeycomb grille from the same seller.

I was sceptical at first but pleasantly surprised at the quality. Not OEM but certainly better than expected!
any grille that is a non s-line A4 B7 fitment as the dtm bumper use a non s-line size grille, lots to choose from in numerous finishes and colours from many sources, they will all be third party though, unless you get an oem dtm grille or oem standard grille, just forget any s-line grille unless you want to start cutting and modding one.
Might have a wee bit of spare cash next month, awffy tempted to do the RS6 grill mod...
Hi guys. Item numberf this HTML class. Value is 371569374293 on ebay states that it won't fit the s line version of the b7. I can't figure why? Is there something I'm missing? And what are your thoughts this type of bumper/grill? Has any fitted one? If so, what is the fitment like?

Apologies if this has been discussed previously.
Thought this may help for some. This my grill on my B7 Sline cab. It has a non Sline bumper as fitted at the factory.


The tell tail sign is the opening bellow the grill in the front bumper. The Sline has a much narrower opening making the grills dimensions taller, not sure about width etc. There are more options with this the standard bumper than on an Sline bumper.
I hope this helps.
An update guys, for anyone looking to source any of the items mentioned in this thread I am in the process of compiling a list of sellers & outlets that currently offer suitable products for your A4 B7 projects, these will all be third party companies and sellers etc and items will be aftermarket fitments suitable for whatever conversion you are taking on, genuine audi OEM parts can be identified via the parts thread in this section and you can then use those part numbers to order parts either via our most excellent parts service on ASN or through your local audi parts dept, or just use the part numbers to source the oem part elsewhere.
So whatever grille, plate filler, bumper etc you need for your cherished car you'll find the info you need here, i'll add it to the starting post at the top of this thread.
hope that helps .
Yes Wozza, came with the ring holder but be warned theres no obvious way of attaching it squarely. (yes of course ill advise should you need).

Top tip - The new grille is very glossy and i wished i had removed the the lower grilles at the time and sprayed them gloss black.
Hi mate, cheers for the info.

I did manage to source a holder from a forum member but it's for a b6 so has 260mm fitment not the 273mm found on the b7, doh!

You know what fruity I thought the exact same thing about the gloss against the matte finish of the other plastics. Your idea sounds good or I may get them dipped including the "vents" on the rear bumper. What do you reckon? If I was to remove the lower grilles, fit the bumpers back on without the grilles, get em dipped or painted, then would the grilles just push back into place without taking bumpers off again?

Not too sure about my vision but let me know what you think? Sprint blue, smoked tints all round including rear lights, anthracite or black standard alloys, gloss black mirrors, boot strip with the gloss black grille, carbon dipped rings with matching lower grilles all round. Will it work? Maybe it'd be better with all grilles gloss black or matte. Decisions, decisions!

Keep us posted on your next move. C ya.
So although I have a 2007 A4 s line Cab it is fitted with a non s line front bumper?


I personally don't like the bars through where there should be a grill with the fog in... I want to get RS honeycomb grill and think it should have grills where these bars are. Can I change bumper easily? Ie does it use same mount points etc

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this is a very common question, the non-sline bumper can be swapped for a s-line item, the fog lamp covers are a separate part on them and just push in whereas on your's they are an integral part.
The genuine RS foglamp cover grills wont fit , you can either fit some RS style honeycombe mesh in front of the foglamp cover or behind it either way it will infill the opening, but both bumper variants have the same actual style of cover just one is fixed and one can be removed, you can cut out the horizontal bar on both but its not the best plan as they are hollow and you will not get a perfect finish without other cosmetic tweaking.
I found this method works well and not to time consuming, others cut and fit the mesh over the front from left to right so covering the whole surface area, some cut the slat of but it leaves a v shaped hole each end that will need filling, just choose you preferred route.
hope that helps.
IMG 0672 2
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Anyone know where to find a honeycomb grill for the S-line bumper? I'm having no luck on ebay and i keep coming across the non-sline ones.
used rs4 ones are like hens teeth, new ones are readily available but at a price, aftermarket for s-lines are very few and far between new and used, i'd just bite the bullet and get a new rs4 grill.
They maybe way overpriced but do look great and there will be no fitting issues, unlike a lot of aftermarket items with less than ideal fitting.
Can anyone link me an rs4 style honeycomb grille that would fit my dtm bumper?

Seen the one above which looks perfect but there sold out now.
Can anyone link me an rs4 style honeycomb grille that would fit my dtm bumper?

Seen the one above which looks perfect but there sold out now.

Just search for this on eBay "a4 b7 honeycomb grille" and as long as it's not for an s line it should fit.....

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I have a genuine RS4 grill for s line for sale black edition pm me
Hi All
I've been contemplating a new grill for a while, I have been looking for a reasonably priced RS6 grill to remove the mesh but to no avail so I took the plunge today and rang Tom Fox at Audi Crewe at first he quoted me £503.56 for the RS4 Grill + £55+ vat for number plate plinth + Postage in the end I got him down to £492 all in Collected so I rang a local garage I use and he quoted me £25 to fit it so I took the plunge and bought it i pick it up next weekend
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Why is it so hard to find aftermarket A4 B7 S Line Grilles?

I'm not looking to modify one to fit so want a straightforward swap out.

Can anyone recommend an online retailer? UK or Europe. Ideally want a top to bottom honeycomb but open to options I guess.

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basically because very few companies make aftermarket ones to fit the s-line bumpers, there is a bit more choice if one has the normal non-s-line but they are still aftermarket grilles.
Only two OEM options, (1) B7 S4 grille which is slightly different pattern to A4 S-line grilles or (2)B7 RS4 grilles which are the honeycombe mesh...otherwise not much on offer .
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Unless like mine your S-Line is fitted with the SE bumper you are very limited and will require deep pockets.
Why is it so hard to find aftermarket A4 B7 S Line Grilles?

I'm not looking to modify one to fit so want a straightforward swap out.

Can anyone recommend an online retailer? UK or Europe. Ideally want a top to bottom honeycomb but open to options I guess.

Yes i also want the same grill for my s line b7 avant ?

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