Dual climate fault/fix


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Nov 30, 2012
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Just for information,
Driving along the other week I noticed my passenger side climate wasn't working and it was pumping out full heat even when the temp was set to low. Then the next day I noticed it was controlling the temp again! The week later it went back to not controlling the temp so I pulled the fault code;
01809 - stepper motor temperature damper left side permanent.
Thought I would have to buy/fix the damper motor, when the next couple of day it started working again, so was obviously intermittent, I cycled the temps up and down a few times thinking that it might clean the contacts in the damper motor, and I also plugged in the diagnostics and the fault had changed to intermittent, cleared fault and stayed cleared, I also reset all the flap motor positions.
It has been working fine over the last 3 weeks, I think once a week I will cycle the temps up and down to hopefully keep it working.

Mine has just done the same but not so far rectified itself.Not really urgent while its winter and can always shut that vent but demister did the same last year and had to be stripped and regreased .Seems to me that the grease in all of them has a limited life so I will have a look when the weathers a bit warmer assuming its one behind the g/box again
My diagnostics said 'blocked or no voltage' so I was presuming that it was electrical as they are generally set to on one temp and not adjusted, but thinking about it the flap will still have to move on cold start/warm up! so who knows...
I would have thought the fact mine fixed its self that it would more likely be electrical!
Got a leaking rear wiper motor at the moment which is also giving me other gremlins like the alarm going off and my rear wiper getting stuck mid position so got some fixing to do this weekend.
I think its all down to flaps cos the motors are known for sticking.My demister started then stuck again so had to go in there cos its such a useful function.Hope water hasnt got in the alarm well too.The pipe in the loom to the gate cracked on mine water everywhere there.I think it had always leaked due to a kink in installation.Luckily it was a summer job and all dried out OK.These silly faults are so unnecessary