Rnse mk1 & 2

Ben shults

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Apr 4, 2015
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What's the difference between the two units other than read bigger memory cards and led screen?

I'm torn between which too get so can I justify the extra £150
Well I used to have the MK1 and I changed to the MK2, huge improvement in speed and screen quality! The reason I got it was because I was a little OCD and wanted to have the text from my iPod displayed on my DIS, I had the connect2 for the MK1 unit that could play my ipod, but won't show track title on DIS. So I also changed my 6 Speed CD changer to the AMI unit. I recently changed my cable for the tune2air bluetooth streaming, so now I can stream straight from my iPhone.

With the MK1 unit you cannot connect the AMI unit... just depends how you want to play music, or how often you use the sat nav, or how you want to use it?
The main difference is that the mk1 is sh1t and the mk2 is what the mk1 should always have been!

@AU11 ALS mk1 has CD/TV button whereas mk2 has Media button.

Mk2 has better screen, and the SD card slots are actually useable. To get the mk1 to play mp3 from the SD you have to jump through so many hoops (file format, type of SD card, number of embedded folders etc) it isn't worth the grief.
Definitely go for mk2 no point in having mk1 not worth the money's
That looks really good! Any experience with them?
Yup, had a similar unit in my S3 since September and other than a slow-ish cold startup time and a few sound issues that were fixed, it's been a dream. Waze, Google Maps, etc for navigation, Google Play or Spotify for music streaming, YouTube, etc...

More on these types of units here - http://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/android-rns-e.248150/

Interesting read and I like he sound of the android units... Just concerned I know nothing about android being an apple geek! Wouldn't know where to start of not just plug n play
It is a great unit, especially when you look at what they cost! I wouldn't let the whole Android thing put you off, it's just as easy to use as iOS, has mostly the same apps available and is pretty much plug and play unless you have sound noise issues, which is easily solved by a cheap ground loop isolator from Halfrauds. It has plenty of customisation options if you feel adventurous later too :)

The one I linked is from Pumpkin, has been around for a while and offer decent warranty support if you have issues with it, albeit in Chinglish :)

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