New Audi Allroad

I don't think you'd be disappointed by the 3 litre diesel. I have the 245 PS variant in my A6 allroad. I ordered my previous (C6) allroad the day before the last A4 allroad was announced, but went with the order as the price differential was too slim vs the spec. I wasn't disappointed. The newer C7 allroad feels a bit big and unwieldy in comparison, so I think this new A4 allroad should be perfect - if the price is right.

I've had RS products, but find the allroad is the equivalent of a quality all-season tyre it just does everything asked and goes largely unnoticed. A 272 would be great and a BiTDI even better if they ever produce that (I've got another couple of years to wait potentially). I'd also like to see a plug-in hybrid.

The article was interesting, and it looks good in the pictures I've trawled up. I hadn't realised the new wing mirror positioning on the B9. Would also be interested to know what tyre sizes are used and wheel offsets, as I've kept a set up my sleeve which are a bit too small for the A6 allroad, but which were correct for old A4 and A6 allroads. I don't know if the additional 11mm ride height from the tyres is in comparison to these tyres or versus the non-allroad B9.
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Thank you Jeeves. A diesel might not be so bad then LOL.

Haven't driven a diesel regularly for nearly 7 years. A 53 plate Seat Ibiza 1.9 TDI Sport. She was an absolute hoot and still going strong with my Dad.

Looking forward to seeing the UK spec options for the Allroad.