Which regulator to buy


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Nov 13, 2015
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Hi Guys,

Passenger front window reg has died, is there a 'good' one to buy or one to avoid?


PS. Cars a 2004 B6 Sport

2 year guarantee, will fit first time. bit dearer yes but you're buying the proper thing.

chinese ones or inferior ones off ebay are crap, aren't the exact size, will rattle and break within no time.
Got mine from GSF in Shrewsbury. Buy the complete kit, don't just change the cables imo.
Thanks guys I'll search for the part number, I want to do it right once.
Do yourself a masive favour and buy genuine for this,unless you want to spend £20 and two hours of your time every 6 months.
Yep cheers. I dont want to be doing it twice but sometimes you can find the original makers direct without it going through Audi.

How much is a genuine one ?
It doesn't say anywhere that it's a genuine one though
I used it on recommendation from other members and I've had absolutely no problem with it.
It's the crap kits off eBay for £20 you want to steer clear of bud.
Does anyone know the part number? Does the B8 reg fit the B6? It's front left I need, electric
B8 one won't fit.

Part number seems to be 8E0 837 461 C but please check when ordering.
I am on Euros website, they list the same part number with B or C at the end, do you know what the difference is?
is that the wahr one you're looking at? do a google and you'll see people complain about the quality.

buy cheap buy twice, stick with genuine.
No, I only wanted to use their site to get the OE part number but it lists B and C
If you ring Audi they will give you the current number, they both seem to be the same, the C being a revised part of B.
Just buy genuine, you won't get the same warranty.
Valeo was fitted to my drivers and it been good so far This was by a vag specialist as well
how long has it been in mate ?
Over 12 months. And the passenger was done Monday by same people. Don't know what the wife does to her car :p
Cheers mate, will be buying one this weekend.