S3 S-Tronic Question

The problem is that the s-tronic is reasonably new technology and a lot of people prefer to stick with the more old fashioned technology.

The problem is that some people (vocal minority) have expectations that the DSG/S-Tronic is faultless (which it most certainly isn't) and they rabbit on about their own frustration with minor challenges turning them into mountains. They incessantly rant on about these unicorn mountains when the mountains just do not exist in reality. They are not sycophants as sycophants will flatter to put a person down. They are just noise makers.

I've had three cars now with DSG, each has been an improvement over the last. Not faultless but neither are any of the manuals Ive driven and in almost all of my driving, the S-Tronic in our S3 is superior, for us, versus the manuals we have and currently drive (again, personally in our conditions).

If you prefer manual, great.

If you prefer DSG/S-Tronic, great.

Now we're getting somewhere..

DSG's are not faultless :D

Hallelujah. :D

Did anyone say they were not ?

Some, well one in here, has said they are useless and caused considerable frustration during driving them but most of us don't have that affliction (over exaggeration and driving frustration).

Edit - ah the ignore button. Found it. No more stepping over useless troll posts :)
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Let's revisit that, shall we......

*You* first said they were useless, then tried to claim it was me.

Next, you claimed "no delay" - would you like to renounce that now as well? :)

Did anyone say they were not? (Faultless)

In virtually every one of your defensive posts in this thread, you have said that you have a magical DSG that suffers no clunk, no sluggishness, no junction gear issues (whatever that is), no delay, none of the traits that the DSG's suffer from, so, yes, you do make out that you have a 'faultless' DSG ;)

Looks pretty much like sycophantic behaviour to me..........
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Whether the DSG/s-tronic is 'faultless' or not it is still to me the best gearbox I have ever used. It's not very often that I drive in D so at least some of the s-tronic 'faults' may not be apparent to me. The last A3 with a manual gearbox I owned had 'faults' that were apparent every time I reversed out of my garage - poor synchronmesh on reverse for a start. Also quite often there would be a 'crunch' when engaging first gear from stand still. These were just two of the reasons I was very keen to try the s-tronic when they were first released. As far as I'm concerned any 'delay' must be related to using D mode because I don't experience any. If the s-tronic has to change the gear into first before I can pull away then it does it so quickly that I never notice. The same is true when I change up (manually) say from fourth to fifth using the paddles. The only thing I notice is when I click the paddle the engine note changes instantly.
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S-tronic hell is doing a 5 or 6 point turn in a busy area.

The delay between R and D and R and D and R and D and R and D can start increasing in proportion to the shortness of temper.
To go from D to R without a delay try the following:
In D during the last car length or two before your complete stop
Foot is on the brake slowing down
Shift to N, while foot is still on the brake
While still braking, 2 seconds before you stop, shift to R
Come to a complete stop
The instant you stop, step on the throttle
Car will move backward in R
Repeat this whole process if you wish to then change from R to D

The time the DSG needs to change gears is folded into your braking time. As long as your foot is lightly pressed on the brake, you have disengaged the clutch and the DSG can select either R or D.
I do this when I want to minimise the delay.

Ultimately it does reduce it, but not eliminate it. This technique though, doesn't lend itself to precision manoeuvring in tight spots!

I have to say, that repeated use of this technique leads to some strained sounds from the gearbox, and on occasion I have had the gearbox overheat message appear in the DIS.

The delay and lurch when doing 5 or more point turns, is more apparent on inclines, not so much on the flat.

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