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May 18, 2015
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Hi guys I'm thinking of ordering a Merlin purple RS3 having never had an exclusive colour was interested to hear what people's thoughts are in terms of the colour thanks?
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Saw a merlin s3 on the roads near harrogate earlier in the year.

Looked stunning, although not too 'out there'
I would have ordered Merlin or venitian purple but I'd spent my budget and am a bit late to change now. Venitian I think is actually nicer in duller lights
Colour looks pretty spectacular to me!


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I was so close to ordering merlin but bottled it, it's a lovely colour but I wasn't sure I could live with it, I order exclusive dark red mica instead a little bit more subtle, collecting next week so we shall see if I did the right thing.
There's pics on here of a dark red mica from one of the dealers it looks cracking
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Merlin is the best colour ever produced - DO IT!
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Thanks guys if I can get the figures right Merlin is what's happening with black styling etc.
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