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Nov 18, 2015
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West London
A4 b7 Sline Cab. May need to remove the front bumper. Been reading it's not a major job. So a few simple questions to you all

1/. What tools are required?
2/ On a scale of 1-10 1 being easy and 10 being hard, how would you score it?
3/ Is it a 1 man job?
4/ Anything scary or other I should watch out for?
5/ How long would you say to remove it?

you are correct , it is not a major job, but like a lot of jobs on these cars, they can be as hard or as difficult as you make them.
there are a lot of threads on here that outline removal and refitting, all seem to vary to be honest but the basic method is the same.
Maybe the best plan would be to do a search on here or on the interweb , see what info is available and decided, and then choose what method you want to go with.
I dont think there is any real prefered method, more whatever method suits yourself, if you have headlamp wash then be carefull as if this is the first removal those plastic pipes and fitting can be a bit brittle and snap or just leak forever after being disturbed.
there can sometimes be issues with getting the bumper/grille realigned with the bonnet, havent had it myself yet after 3 removals, but others have , just something to be aware off.

One tip for you if doing it by yourself, i didnt want to mark the paintwork in front of the wheels arches etc on refitting as with one person you can't watch all sides at once when pushing the bumper back on etc, if you run some wide masking tape along the edges where the bumper butts up against the bodywork it will pevent any possible marks etc occuring in those areas, and it can happen i know from 1st experience, luckily it polished out but had i taped along it first it would have prevented it, used this tip ever since.
never hurts to cover all possible situations, i used wide tape and ran 2 strips along just to be covered.

I used the method that suggested removing the front wheels and removing the wheel arch inner plastic cover, took a bit longer but a lot easier to get at the fixings .
most of the info you need on tools etc will be found in the vids etc for your chosen removal method, best allow a few hours if doing it by yourself.

taking mine off on boxing day to swap over to RS4 grill , expecting it to consume the whole afternoon to be honest, maybe longer if it still caos indoors so a very good reason aswell to get out of the house into a more suitable enviroment to be honest...

hope that helps a little bit
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Many thanks for the insight. Have been trawling through you tube. Seen a couple of vids now. Looks pretty straight forward.
Now need to work out what tools are required.
It doesnt take long mate , really, i removed mine again this afternoon to change the grille, started at 4.00pm and was all done an dusted by 6.30 , that included coffee break too, and i used the front wheels off method aswell which takes bit longer.
You'll need a long shaft torx driver for a couple of screws, 200mm should do it. Follow the youtube vids and you'll be ok. Took me 2 hrs. the first time and 45mins the times after and didn't remove the wheels, just have to use full lock when undoing the wheelarch screws and the two 10mm nuts right up at the front corner of the wing, headlamp will help.
i gave up fighting with the limited access to the nuts accessed from within the wheel arch, even on full lock on pulling that arch liner out of the way etc ,it is so much and easier and with no wheel in the way, but everyone to there own method.
only takes a couple of mins too remove the wheels anyway.
soot, did you have headlamp wash and pdc on your bumper by anychance.

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