Audi a5 s line side mirror cover install


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Jan 15, 2015
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Hi guys,

So I've been looking online for the past few weeks on how to swap out the a5 side mirrors for some s5 mirror housings thay I purchased.

Found a couple guides but they vary on some of the steps. I tried following them myself and got to the part where I'm meant to lift of the case. I don't know if it's me or if the clips are on too tight, but I just can't open them for the life of me. I know you're meant to use considerable force but I just couldn't bring myself to the risk of breaking it lol.

I'm quite annoyed though because even though it's one of the better and more noticeable aesthetic upgrades, there's barely any info about it. No videos at all for the specific b8 s line mirrors and only 2 guides as I mentioned previously.

Those are the 2 I was looking at. Has anyone else been able to do them? Currently I have a garage doing it for me as I've given up, they're charging me £35 for the pair. But after reading that people have swapped them out in 10 minutes, I kind of feel stupid for not being able to do it myself. Also I think the garage is being a little excessive with the price if it's as easy as the guides say.

Garage has said that they have to remove the indicators too? Is that the case?

Sorry if this has been discussed previously but I couldn't find any further decent information on it.

Waste hoping if I could do it myself, I'd upload a video for other people to see how it's done. Can't believe no one has done that already though.

Thanks in advance for your help guys

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