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Dec 16, 2015
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Hi all, my name is Marek and how aome of you could expect I'm polish (but I m speaking also italian and a bit of english, sorry if is bad :) )
Anyway I'm new here so hello to everyone.
About my car. I'm from october an owner of Audi a3 sportback (2005 2.0 tdi bkd)
That I bought as spares and repairs (clutch gone).
Until now I've done some work but unhappily the car isn't in the condition as should be (description hiden most imperfections) but anyway I loved it.
So a list of thinks done:
Service (glow plugs, oil-air-fuel filters, oil 5w30)
Clutch (complete kit and pedal with master cylinder) sachs xtended
Undertray engine (was missing)
Full waleting
Add the usb reader to car radio
Plus some minor things.
And few things that I'm opting to do:
Change colour to black with orange pearl
Chip tuning
Maybe new rings
Privacy windows
New radio (compatible with original equipment or audi's one or my own setup of headunit connected to actual radio)
Add cruise control and multifunction steering wheel
Add xenons (original with levellers)
Maybe also changing rear lights
And changing windscreen as is cracked (but still legal).
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Hi Matek, welcome to Audi-sport.net. Any pics of the car? Enjoy the forum :) x
Yes sure, a bit dirty but was 1-st photos just taken down from recovery truck when bought.


And the interior after serious after-dog cleaning D:

P.S. A6 next to is my dads one ;)
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A bit of update, Windscreen fitted today :3 monday on MOT (should be w/o probs as every advisory from old one was done). I know that I'm taking lazy but actually I'm moving home so short of £££ :( but little a little all listed above will be done :).
Next step that I'm thinking to do is internal PC using Lattepanda (something like rapsberry pi/arduino but faster and better) already got an idea how to connect and do everything, (power supply, screen, etc...) that will be connected and managed by original radio controls (using cd changer port, a lot of programming but sadly i'm not confident with arduino language so I'll need arduino forum users help)but this project will be after may (lattepanda release month), and meanwhile I'll try to do Injector seals and bolts replacement and timming belt with w. pump... (maybe inneded work but I'll be sure that there is no problems with engine when I'll upgrade it..)

P.S. I didn't see that I don't uploaded my a3 near my dad a6 D:


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Hi, guys, after a bit of break from the forum (between moving home etc...) I'm back!
Meanwhile happened some changes on my A3, so I've got radiator broken (dunno how but it was..) already changed ;), (if someone interested I can post some photos and explain how to... anyway No need to taking front end off), ERG and throttle body cleaned (so much dirty, around 2-3 mm on the walls of ERG (O.O) ). now I'm on the way to clean the turbocharger as still got the diesel smell when running (but much less), but now I'm trying to change the colour of grey aluminium bezels, as they are in not best condition...
Hi man :),
Anyway is good to post the updates here?
Or I should do another thread somewhere?
A bit of news.
So today (as in last days i've got smell of burnt diesel around my car) I decided to change the bolts and o rings on my bkd.
Started around 9am done at 12pm but waited till 3pm cause of battery gone flat of cranking (actually it was half flat so..) anyway after 3 short tries and then one of 45 sec. (as seen on forum) it started, roughly at beginning cause of oil residuals of putting on orings and a bit that go into chamber by removing injector (however i cleaned them but...) Work done, next week probably I'll change the oil from actual 5w-30 to 5w-40, just to be sure of any diesel didn't went on oil. (if i done it today probably it wasn't well flushed/mixed so will be still there). Afterwords I started it, run it and seem to not produce any burnt diesel smell nor clouds... also is more quiet and vibrating less. however my bolts (checked with new ones) wasn't stretched at all, same length of new ones... Next to do other the oil change will be the project mentioned above.
BTW I also bought delphi (sorry but i won't spend 400£ for vcds, and i found it for 50 quids and seem to be original so... VALUE) code reader/programmer etc.
A bit of update, started project of pc in car (decided to use Latte Panda as the mind of project) but struggling with it for now and leak of time, last week done change of oil to 5w-40 and new egr valve and the rocket cover gasket + bolts. Today instead I've done the conversion to FL back lights going from this:
IMG 20160923 085145912 HDR
To this:
IMG 20160924 134842731
Pinout (as didn't find for it as everyone using kufatec) is:
for outer (are sided and description is lights connector cable colour to car cable colour):
Passanger side (uk): brown to brown (negative), purple/brown to grey/black (running lights), black/grey and white/yellow to white/yellow (stop), black/white to black/white (turning lights), should be 1 cable that remain not powered in my case was blue/red (pin 4)
Driver side (uk): brown to brown (negative), black/green to black/green (turning lights), yellow to grey/red (running lights), blue/purple and grey/brown to white/yellow (stop), yellow/white should be disconnected (again pin 4).
Images of outer connections:
IMG 20160924 130637677 IMG 20160924 130931857 IMG 20160924 130938104
Inner are simple as the colour matches:
Passenger side: brown to brown, yellow/white to yellow/white,
Driver side: brown to brown, red/blue to red/blue,
only thing is 4th cable (inner for both, mean if left lamp right cable and if right lamp left cable)
need to be plugged to positive of plate lights.(photos tomorrow)

Coding using VCDS:
menus: central electronics -> coding ->(button /option) help with long coding

Btye 9 to Dec = 0 - as the final brake light
Byte 10 to Dec = 0 - Fog lamps as a taillight
Byte 12 to Dec = 36- dimming rear standlight (or 48 for a bit more of luminosity)
Byte 19 Bit 2 Cold Diagnosis rear active - this must be activated

Done in around 4h (much of it for search of cabling, pin-outs etc... but anyway needed to get a look inside by myself) without this should be not more then 1h - 2h of time.
P.S. the photos of connectors obviously wasn't of finished cabling but don for purpose of let you see it how should be connected.
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Boot lid lights:
IMG 20160925 093017249
IMG 20160925 093045734
Connection to plate light (both sides to same cable brown/blue):
IMG 20160925 093413389 IMG 20160925 094149969
Quick update, today I've done my aux heater repair (z35), result? 0 error codes at all :))))) (I got also error code saying that voltage is under lower limit, intermittent, after repair of heating element its gone)
As many I've got problem with not working aux heater (starting to be cold) and it wasn't 100amp fuse, sadly. So I looked on forum and found this theard and from comment #20 there are pictures with explanation of all... and as well in my case was the resistors to fail (seen that beru used strange solder wire (probably without lead) and no soldering paste at all.. so with time they broken. Honestly this work I've done in 4,5 hours (quite simple to remove centre console). and instead of mentioned in theard linked I got to use 6mm socket and instead of 13mm socket better to use normal (colsed eye) wrench for arm rest, then needed also torx 20, and 8 and 10mm sockets for bolts. Next thing to do will be back shocks (got them already) and pc in car project that started, but going very slowly due to time leak. If someone interested can follow project on this link. Updates will be soon (hopefully :))) ).
Today I got some good news, I've done rear shock absorbers (+ new rubber and protection) and get some wheels. On this week if I will get some spare time I will do alignment on wheels and replace the end steering rods. Pics soon (of wheels and old rubbers/shocks).
A little update, yesterday I ve done the tie rod ends and today new wheels and tyres (aligment and balancing too) done. Now need the centre caps as the ones i got don t fit.
Oh, just found photos of radiator replacement, they are here for you:
IMG 20160218 114755281 HDR IMG 20160218 114808954 HDRIMG 20160218 114804281IMG 20160218 114823369
IMG 20160218 120531671 IMG 20160218 114833975 IMG 20160218 120017380 HDR IMG 20160218 114816517IMG 20160218 120012161

IMG 20160218 114906415 IMG 20160218 114841169 IMG 20160218 114909695

And here s when I've done replacement of injector seals:
IMG 20160825 092912870 IMG 20160815 203020237 IMG 20160815 203028001 IMG 20160825 092834977

Here are the last jobs done (rear shock absorbers and end rods):
IMG 20161021 104121321 IMG 20161021 093944798 IMG 20161021 093929897 IMG 20161021 104124603 IMG 20161021 093933841
IMG 20161025 123508885 IMG 20161014 182728887 IMG 20161025 123512094 IMG 20161014 182733968
Actual look:
IMG 20161022 174648452
missing only the centre caps on new wheels.
A little update:
I realised that one of my parking sensor just let me down so I'm w/o parking aid for now, but already checked it and found the bad guy, meanwhile cleaned bumper etc from inside.
IMG 20161218 125107171IMG 20161218 125308262 HDR IMG 20161218 125313158
Then just finished painting door trims as they were in bad condition, now are painted in matt black (the one from hellfrauds is the one I used and seem to match perfectly) + on blink plastic installed the usb port but not connected yet as my gas soldering gun broke (thanks to CHINA quality :mad: )
IMG 20161226 155412658IMG 20161226 155356888IMG 20161226 155457286IMG 20161226 155430923
Afterwords I run the cable from 12V socket to glovebox with 0.75mm cable with switch and in line fuse,got there 2 12v sockets + 5V @ 3A as will using the usb for navi for now then for LP project, 1 12V socket for camera installed on car and 1 free in case and the lighter in place on console w/o mess of cables. Photos to follow.
On this week I will try to do: rear o/s caliper change + on both sides pads, guards, brake lines and discs. Maybe water pump + cam and accessory belt change.
Also done change of lower engine mounting arm, but will follow with both sides change as well kinda of bushing holding the lower arm.
P.S. photos added.
From my initial to do list is done:
new wheels
rear lights
And still to do:
Change colour to black with orange pearl
Chip tuning (will wait as will prob upgrade turbo)
Privacy windows
New radio (compatible with original equipment or audi's one or my own setup of headunit connected to actual radio) -> started
Add cruise control (won't do anymore MFSW) -> got switch but need lower bowl
Add xenons (original with levellers) -> not in rush
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Little update. Just done brakes (includes pipes, pads, discs, disc guards, 1 used caliper, not by myself as couldn't unscrew the caliper bolts, seem to be 2x m11 multi-point bolts)
IMG 20170107 123328643 IMG 20170107 123334201
and rear parking sensor.
IMG 20170107 130925739 IMG 20170107 143040366
As well some day ago I've done the silencing of sub-woofer as inner pcb was rattling.
IMG 20170102 162721965 IMG 20170102 162723994 IMG 20170102 162738083
Ok, so another update, I was a bit busy so could't get to forum at all :(
Bleed all brake system (will also the clutch probably in next weeks).
then got problem with sticking front left caliper, repaired too.
Painted tailgate, but was bend (I didn't seen when bought :angry: ) so after all prepping and painting left in garage (if some1 interested hit me a msg.
yesterday done a bit of cleaning and timing-belt and v-belt changed, with new under tray and side liners.
Probably something else but don't mind at the moment. Will include photos of rear brakes soon.
On next week will start the turbo upgrade and engine mount change.
IMG 20170209 122534249 IMG 20170209 125432331 IMG 20170209 125437970 HDR IMG 20170209 125444362 IMG 20170209 135435335 IMG 20170209 144806680 IMG 20170209 144816336 IMG 20170209 144840317 IMG 20170218 130431907 IMG 20170218 130438884 IMG 20170218 130520417 IMG 20170218 130534611 IMG 20170309 123154030 IMG 20170323 144002986 IMG 20170323 144011671
P.S. photos of nearly finished tailgate (need only polishing):
IMG 20170322 152644265 IMG 20170322 152631795 HDR IMG 20170322 152638363


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today plastic welded my glove box light switch bracket, maybe not beautiful but will work 100%
IMG 20170408 145124253 IMG 20170408 144049688 HDR IMG 20170408 145118479 HDR IMG 20170408 144120093 HDR IMG 20170408 152609767 IMG 20170408 144100788 IMG 20170408 144111597 IMG 20170408 152606080
welding plastic material to fulfil the holes: IMG 20170408 153305559
Hello again, just started the turbo change, today done:
inlet manifold clean + new seal (old one was leaking so sometimes on start got a bit of white smoke, but I was sure that was egr cooler)
strip all of parts connected to exhaust manifold and taken out the down-pipe. Need to take some longer pipe for egr cooler delete as well the coolant. Strange is EGR look after 1 year of use from new o_O .
Some photos:
20170413 135921 20170413 135917 20170413 135941 HDR 20170413 135907 20170413 135903 HDR 20170413 143202 20170413 135857 20170413 135945 20170413 143158 HDR 20170413 143205 20170413 194147 20170413 194258 20170413 194206 20170413 194412 20170413 194351
today finished removing exhaust and started to fit new one, halfway done, didn't fit only down-pipe due to turbo need to be fitted first xD
If everything will be ok, 1 day to be ready to remap.
forgot to say, done also re piping of coolant and bleeding of clutch, cleaned exhaust manifold gasket point.
I guess I'll move this from the welcome section then
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So much done, it must be like a new car!

Good reading, enjoyed it.
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not really new, specially outside xD this audi needed love, BTW thanks to move of thread xD
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a little update: yesterday mounted turbo, finished (nearly) the exhaust, for rest waiting for 2 banjo bolts (couldn't find them locally) for turbo oil in hose.
Some photos:20170418 234042 IMG 20170417 141915395 20170418 234025 20170413 194412 20170414 161548 IMG 20170417 141946585 20170414 161551 20170414 161604 20170414 161527 20170414 161531 20170414 161543
P.S. photos are of removed items.
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today tightened up the downpipe and basically all exhaust parts, just still fighting with bolt holding the middle section and fuel tank holder metal bend piece going across the tank (truly pain in the a**). meanwhile waiting for banjo bolts to mount the rest and put oil in.
However for those that plan doing it it's good that meanwhile you order your parts like turbo and new braided line you get an extra 19mm and 1/4" ID hose for cooling system (preferably bend 90 and 180 degrees) some caps for vacuum lines, coolant as will spill. a lot of white spirit/de-greaser to clean all parts, thread locker, spare small but resistant screwdriver (or similar) to get off the exhaust rubbers. Total work till now is around 2,5 day.
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aghhh that oil feed line is truly pain in the a.., got 8mm hose with m10 and m12 banjo hole ends and it's all right BUT the m10 (turbo side) need to be 45 or more degree bend because of VNT regulator (Just purchased 90 degree one to be sure) and find banjo ring for m10 to 8mm hose is impossible, so I needed to take an 6mm hose m12 banjo hole (straight is ok, however is better take some bend one if you can find) and m10 90 degree for it, plus other thing it's high pressure so you need some serious cpils/clamps, yesterday I used jubilee clip ones, TBH it's just SH!T in fact I put some extra oil in turbo before (that anyway went all through to sump xD) then run the engine, all ok, checking for leaks and on both ends seen dropping oil, so stopped immediately the engine and ordered new ones the right clips should be bolt clip/clamps. If you wondering why I didn't get the dark developments one instead. Hmm 60£ for less than 1m of nylon hose and a bit of stainless steel around is a way too much, all the kit I actually bought (90 degree m10 banjo hole + m10 x 1.00 banjo bolt + m12 banjo hole + m12 x 1.5 banjo bolt + 2x screw clamps (11mm-13mm) + 1m 6mm inner D. hose (12,5 outer D.) + washers) for less than 30£.
Instead if you prefer to get something bigger and use the standard adaptors they are m14 x1.5 on both ends, but you will need hose to nut ending instead, they are for hose 7-8mm I.D.
Probably will get the new hose today so will keep you update about it.
I was wondering how I missed this thread until now - putting it the welcome section would do that

Great effort Marek! Looks like she's progressing well.
Hi mate, thanks, today probably will get the oil feed line finally as 2nd week that she's up due to missing bolts (wanted to get locally but they don't got any), then getting them and realize that jubilee clamp (that actually selling anywhere as fuel oil etc clamp - in my opinion AVOID as just got leak from both sides of hose :rage:) so now got the (hopefully) proper one.
Next thing will be looking after is in car pc, as mechanic instead all bushes etc, meanwhile she's up, I thinking if not rise the suspension, as starting to love this look.:laughing:
Ok, so after maybe 3 days of work at all and 2 weeks of waiting for freaking oil feed pipe... got enough of waiting (the 2nd hose with 6mm ID ordered and dispatched on Friday via 1st class... still waiting for it) and mounted today the original one, checked the ID of both banjo and audi holes in most restrictive parts (m10 turbo plugs) and are the same (4mm), I.D. of rigid oil feed line are also 6mm so no worries (obviously cleaned all well before installing), so there is no difference if I take an aftermarket hose or not, took some cooper washers that got from previous shopping and Voila' is alive!! no squeaks, bangs, leaks or whatever, just some sweet low freq rattle from 2.5" miltek exhaust, done some test drive and seem to be more powerful (like 170 I guess). tomorrow will double check the oil on flat ground (as my drive is downhill), then mounting the skid plate and booking for remap @Narco (only there I can remap it, everybody I called or msg'ed didn't answer or doing only stage1).
on next week will remap, today welded the bracket of down pipe (seller just cut it instead of unbolting -> genius) anyway done like 15 miles till now and all ok, starting to love miltek exhaust, as if I drive normally (gear change around 2k rpm) it seem to be standard, but when I kick it over :blackrs4::whistle2::smilingimp:
BTW started my In car pc project, but is on starting point, too much to learn :\ but... On my way!!!
quick update: cruise control fitted (instead of m12 spline used torx 55)
20170505 111605 20170505 111548 HDR 20170505 122047 20170505 111554 HDR 20170505 105213 20170505 111552 HDR 20170505 124918 20170505 122054 HDR

Replaced left fog light as was different from right (dunno why), next will be remap on Thursday (11th) some fault developed on flap to hot air U.U but will fix in some of these days. and the suspension will be my next target.

So this remain of my original to do list:
Change colour to black with orange pearl - probably will remain with original one but re-paint needed
Privacy windows - got film but need to buy the tool for take off bubbles
New radio - building PC instead (on the way)
Add xenons (original with levellers) - not for now xD
Update: today been on narco tuning, the blanking plates form ebay (thicker I could get) was actually ****** so would recommedn at least 13mm or original audi: 038131925a. Also as original intercooler piping is fragile, couldn't get full run and stopped for now on 2bar so tomorrow hitting b'ham to creationsmotorsport for full kit (seem to be higher quality than darkside development and cheaper 280£ vs 335£) link to piping
from darside got the blanking plates for relatively cheap. (13£ for 2 and shipping). So yeah some money spend over but needed.
Got the piping fitted, hurrayyyy!!! OOM right now and still waiting for blanking plates from darkside.
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little update: blanking plates fitted, car booked on 31st to finish the mapping, also got little problem with heater (19mm hose i bought for heater just closed itself, solved with 19mm 180 degree alloy pipe). Now it's all right.
Dyno graph.


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A bit of update, as not done too much on my audi in these months, bit in these days just cleaned it up as usual plus some stains on upholestry caused by rain, then messed with vcds and done low beam as daytime lights, as well I was thinking about put the indicator lights (orange ones) as parking lights. discovered a lot of functions in different modules by just reading, but will see later some more. xD

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