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May 20, 2013
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I have been getting the occasional "Battery Low" notification on my display recently. I had it last winter also but didn't do anything about it. It's been fine over summer but now the colder weather is here its come back.

I took the car in to local garage (non audi) that I use/trust to get checked, they ran a diagnostics check on battery and alternator and reported that both were fine. They gave me printout of test and told me just to keep an eye on it. The message has since been up again on dash - "battery low, will charge while driving". Has anyone else experienced this and is it just a case of putting a new battery in? The one is is most like the original - it's an 09 plate A4 2.0 Avant S-Line.

I also had a low battery notification on the mmi screen last week, I was parked up waiting for someone with engine off. I turned on the radio and after about 1 minute the message appeared on the screen.
If battery has never been changed in car, winter time will show if battery on way out. For price of battery, I'd be replacing it bud.
Six years old, how many miles has the car done ? .
As said above you may get through this winter OK if it's not too bad. If it really gets cold then batteries struggle even more and this can push them over the edge. If you plan on keeping the car any length of time then I would change it.
Getting a battery ordered from the net and fitting it now is liable to be cheaper than having to get one at very short notice because it's died on you.
Just bought a new battery for the wifes Yaris diesel thats 10 years old on 100K and has lasted OK. Replaced the battery on my 08 3.0 TDI a few months ago as it was showing signs of slowing up. I intend to keep the car a few more years yet so I will get the best out of the new battery.
This seller on Ebay has very good prices. go for a Varta Silver and it will be as good or slightly better than what you have now.
Thanks for your replies,

I have just looked at the battery currently installed in my car, its a biggie without any markings on it (that I can tell).
It measures 355 x 165 x 190 (LxWxH) - this is quite a big bigger than the VARTA mentioned above which according to the VARTA website measures 278 x 175 x 190 (LxWxH). I'm reluctant to purchase the battery in case it won't fit.

Any advise?
That is the size of an 019 battery. A Varta H3 would fit the bill there then.

If it's an OE battery it will have a part number on it. You may need to take the black plastic cover off the top of the battery to see this.
If you look in the service book for the car and find the build sticker with all the codes on it you can see what the battery size should be.
I suspect yours may be a 1JU.

If the car has stop start then it will be an AGM battery so a lot more expensive.