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Dec 4, 2015
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Hi guys

i have a slight issue or could have. My car is on order and due to arrive to dealers in few days.

I have a private number plate which is in my dads name but car i bought is under my name.

Can you please advice how this will work? can my dealers get the plate on ? would they need special documents for this or something?

Or would it be quicker to transfer it to my name initially?
You need to find out if the number is nominated to your Dad and if it is, change the nomination to yourself.
All the info is on the DVLA website.
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currently plate is under dads name and car on my name, so i am thinking on certificate(v778) add nominee as myself and then give the v778 for dealers to manage, is this possible?

As spoke to dealers today and some say they cant do anything and same say they can so not even they are sure. I was told i need to register car under normal plate then transfer plate to car after....but i rather transfer in one go to personal plate...

I had look at DVLA website but wasnt able to understand esp for brand new car via dealer. I know how to do it if i was to transfer but wasnt clear for dealers perspective.
Your dad should be able to put you down as nominee , then it is a straightforward transfer . It has been on a car in his name before has it ?
Yep it was always been in my lastcar but that was in my dads name,its just difficult now as dealer will be doing this which they say they cant do but i think they can...will need to get in touch with them i think and say im nominee now..
If it's a new car you are buying, you need to retain the private plate first, and add yourself as a nominee onto the certificate. then give the dealer the said certificate, and they should be able to do it in one go on car registration. If you are part ex'ing your car, then they should be able to do a direct transfer from the old cars logbook, but most dealers would avoid this, it's paperwork, they are not interested.
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