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Sep 4, 2015
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Had the S3 2 months now and noticed that the doors rattle over rough roads all the time. I suspect it's the door seals, but wondered if anyone else has experienced this?
My driver side door has started to. Annoyed. Bought in July
Yep. I noticed a noise - which I kept saying to everyone sounded like the door seals. Took it in to Audi because the seat would creak when I went round a corner or moved in the seat (sounded like old bed springs) and mentioned the door noise. They said they couldn't hear anything after a test drive.

After Audi didn't correctly fix the seat base the first time I kicked off and demanded they took the car in and said I wasn't collecting it till it was sorted properly. When I picked the car up they said they had inspected the door and found the inside of the door hadn't been assembled properly.

Dunno what they did but it hasn't had the door noise since (fingers crossed).
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I have a buzzing/rattling noise from near the drivers hand grab when I am doing more than 40mph or so, so the noise is just about my right ear and really annoying. Even with the music and ventilation on I can hear and last night I was 4 up in the car after been to a Stereophonics concert and all my passengers could hear it. Only had it just over 2 weeks and looks like this will be the second visit back to the dealers.
.....last night I was 4 up in the car after been to a Stereophonics concert and all my passengers could hear it.

Oh, how embarassing - you must have felt like a right Twonk in front of your Passengers.
Feel for you, particularly as you've only had it 2 weeks.

Hope you get sorted.
I had a driver door rattle start about a month after delivery. Demonstrated it to the Master Tech who stripped the door down and re-mounted the regulator. 'Twas fine for 15+ months but I've just started to occasionally notice that it's back :rolleyes:
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Gummi Pflege, Black crayon and all other remedies for squeaks, rattles, knocks and creaks are all covered in the FAQ

Any chance you could point AUDI to this thread...?

I've had this issue with every Audi I've ever owned, from urquattros onwards.
Every. Single. One.

BTW, have you noticed the little 'peg' sticking out of the front door, and retaining slot at the bottom of the door 'well'?
Some money has been invested here, any ideas?
It helps reduce the movement (and flexing) of the doors that goes on, specifically when the monocoque undergoes torsional flexing on the road.

Results in less whistling through the door seals at speed through the bends :)
That's why Threads that show the good side of the vehicle along with Threads that show the bad side of the vehicle are so useful.

Had I known that procuring an Audi would have resulted in me becoming acquainted with Gummi Pflege, then I wouldn't have purchased said vehicle.

Having said that though, this Site - together with a very helpful individual - provided the correct advice / guidance / knowledge to eliminate my particular issue and all is now well with the (my) world.

The how to fill the Water Resovoir Thread was also a GodSend.
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The first time I was hit with the dreaded door seal squeaks and groans was immediately after the first time I had washed my car after using a paint sealer. So it follows that the culprit was actually the silicones, acrylics or waxes that were either in the wash or being washed off the car that were the culprit, hardly something that one can blame Audi for.
Mines just been back to the dealers for its first niggle/problem sorting session, I've had the door knocking noise syndrome & its been driving me mad! Did some research on here & decided it couldn't possibly be window seals so let them take a look.
Demonstrated it happening over bumps in the road to the technician & he suggested lowering the glass just a fraction to see if it was the glass against the seals causing the noise. Couldn't believe the difference!
He's blaming detergent contamination (although I swear it did it from new) from the glossing agents used by hand wash firms (I've had 3 hand washes since new same firm) Strangely it was only the Drivers door so surely the passenger door should also be making the noise?
Didn't get to speak to the technician afterwards but However they cleaned the window seal seems to have sorted it.
Have ordered some Gummiphledge just in case.
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7 months in and I sometimes think that maybe the A3/S3 factory needs telling that Audi are supposed to be a premium brand. I might have to get some gloop to paste all over my dash to quiet it down. Although I might start hearing new noises. I hope the new A4's got better build quality !!! as that might be my escape route from this mess.
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I used to get it, only in wet weather. Gummi Pflege didn't sort it, but complaining to the dealer and having them try to fix it did, for a few months.
It was coming back though when the car died. Pretty shoddy really, not had that problem on any other car.
Found the rattle in ours

A certain person had shoved stuff in the glovebox which had ejected one of the SD cards

With the car running I opened the glovebox and the card was vibrating like a sex tool.

Reinserted it like a sex tool and no more rattle :D
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I found that my MY16 S3 developed the same problem, I was like it as soon as I picked it up.

I sealed my Glass with GTechniq G4 followed by G5 over the weekend, which so far so good, has sorted the issue, lots of rain and nasty roads here in Wales, so if it's going to happen anywere, its here.

If is driving me nuts and it seems to be getting worse. I am going on for my first service in a week or so and will have them take a look. Rattles rarely seem to get squared away by the dealer in my experience. I hope I am wrong.
My doors rattle. My March 15 S3 had the same issue. Drivers especially. It's the door lock which moves vertically, most prone over uneven surfaces of pot holes. Having had 2 cars which do the same thing and had Audi look at it, we all came to the conclusion that it's just rubbish design.bAnnoying yes but it simply cannot be fixed. Ironically they stripped down my door card and now there's another squeak now somewhere else!! I was happier with just the one!
I've got this same issue, I had a read up on it and found people used a black crayon on the seal to cure it. Are we talking about the same problem? Mine does this when its wet out, but if I drop the window an inch it stops

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