A6 3.0T FSI questions


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Nov 23, 2015
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Hi all,

Newbie here. Just found a suitable car, 2009 A6 3.0T FSI (they are pretty rare!) and have a few questions:
  • is it only s-line versions which have lower/stiffer suspension than standard A6?
  • tuning to 400bhp is easily possibly, how does the clutch fair with this? I realise this is driver dependent, but is it well know to fail early on tuning to this level?
  • is the steering really as poor (little feel) as people make out?!
  • what real-world mpg should I expect? quoted around 30mpg, is this or higher achievable?
Thanks in advance.

Sline is lower/stiffer, you could fit a Eibach B12 kit to an SE to make it the same ride height.
If your remapping the car then add a DMF & clutch to the cost, as it usually kill off what is left of old clutches & flywheels.
The A6 is almost 2ton of metal your never going to get a true drivers car with that much weight.
No idea on the MPG but I would say high 20 / low 30, may improve/get worse depending on the remap.
Thanks for the reply. I've used Eibach's before, so that's a good plan
Yes, I realise it's a heavy car, just all reviews/opinion I've seen say the steering is overly light (not necessarily that it doesn't handle well) and I just wondered if owners agreed with this