One Touch Window Closure With Remote


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Jun 24, 2006
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I know that the windows can be automatically closed/opened while holding down the corresponding button on the keyfob but has anyone and ideas how to be able to just press the lock button once and the windows close without having to continually hold down the lock button?

Not sure if this can done or even reprogrammed.
this would be great if it could be done, it seems to take ages standing there waiting for them to go up and if you're not holding it down fully and pointing it at it, then it stops and you have to press it again :(
There is a module on ebay used for vauxhalls to do the same thing, my mate has brought on and it is so simple to wire in. might have a look at getting one and seeing if i can fit it?
Cant be done using vagcom or anything like that. You will need extra kit.

I think awesome sell a module that allows you to do this that integrates into the standard system. Have a look.
i mite be reading wrong, but with mine i just press the button once to lock as normal and any windows and sunroof that are open close too. i dont have to hold down the button. always been like that!

will this work on a 98 a3 t sport????? on uk-mkivs they say the audis have this option activated where as they need to get a unit from to activeate the central conveniece module in there cars!

anyone shed some light on this???
if you get a clifford alarm you can get smart windows so you can have a one touch button, or they just close themselfs!
lol imo it saves having to hold the key or fob when you get out of ur car n forget to put the windows up! be nice to have if its free!
It is handy sometimes. youve popped to someones house get straight out car to stand on drive and chat, u decide to go in for cuppa T so you use the fob so you dont have to get back in.

Or you get out and realise your passenger has left theirs down.
during the summer i unlock the car hold the buttln down the windows are open by the time i get in or start up.
As has been looks flash! Do we need another reason for it!? :D
i agree definitely a flash factor....i'd forgotten mine does it...will have to use it for the sake of using it!!
i use mine to close the windows and when ive forgotten to shut the sunroof, i didnt realise it closed that aswell untill i left it open with the windows and it closed as well.
The Alientech controller would probably sort the one button close/open issue. I've no experience with them on Audis, but the original module was built for the Golf Mk4 so it'll probably be OK. They're a helpful bunch so could confirm either way.

Awersome do a model that does this it also opens the windows if the car gets to hot inside..

Not sure how but it works i had one fitted to my golf mk4

ps b4 you all start why would you want the windows openning when your not there it opens them about 25 mil just to let the heat out then closes again. and its great when your down the south of france in 40 degrees heat with full leather seats:undwech:
i use mine to close the windows and when ive forgotten to shut the sunroof, i didnt realise it closed that aswell untill i left it open with the windows and it closed as well.

Mine doesnt do that i tryed the other day, it just closes the windows!

Is this something that has to be programmed in VAG-COM?
dont know...i thaught it just did the windows but ive done it a few times now and it closes everything