Audi UK Customer Service response to 8P RS3 Low Speed Brake Squeal


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Sep 21, 2007
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This issue for me is now one big yawn as I resolved it to my own satisfaction with the original 8P RS3 brakes and subsequently with the 47i6 upgraded brakes, however, I do have owners write to me asking for advice and telling me of their circumstance and here's one that arrived today I'd like to share with one and all.

OK, I've deleted some content to disguise the author but I did make telephone contact with Audi on 0800 699 888 to attempt a resolution and spoke with 'Mark' and then 'Aisha' to discuss and that went nowhere; even their attempts to put me through to Audi AG failed.

But it's an interesting read; the issue: "Just had another service completed on my car (29k miles) and during the visit to the dealership, I asked them to 'check' the brakes, as the squeal is back for a 3rd time even though I was on the 2nd set of discs and pads....

The dealership told me the 'squeal' was due to the pads being 90% worn! So I wrote to Audi UK and here's there response..."

BEFORE I add this and you read on I would seriously suggest if you've a bladder problem, or not, then you'd best urinate now or put something urine proof on the seat of your chair; anyway...


Thank you for contacting Audi UK, I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed with a noise on your vehicle.
After escalating the issue to our Technical Support Team, I can confirm that we have no known issues with noisy front brakes on the Audi RS 3.

There are also no ongoing investigations being undertaken by Audi for such an issue.

When braking lightly from a low speed, just before the vehicle comes to a standstill in forward and reverse, a brake noise can be heard. This noise is caused by the typical friction of the brake pad and disc at low brake pressure.

The factors primarily influencing the noise are weather conditions such as, temperature and air humidity. Vehicle usage, such as type of driving can also be a factor.

The noise can be more noticeable during the winter months; this is due to the use of salts on the road. These salts mixed with water can contaminate both the brake pad and brake disc surfaces which can increase the noises further.

Regular hard braking and braking from high speed can significantly reduce the build up of contaminants and subsequently reduce brake noises. These types of noises are audible to some degree on all vehicles irrespective of the manufacturer. They have no negative influence on the vehicle brakes. Neither the brakes nor any other component can be damaged nor does it cause excess brake wear. The noises do not affect the pedal force required or general braking; therefore no repairs are possible or necessary.

The Audi RS 3 needs to be able to stop at high and low speeds with corresponding high and low pedal pressure. This combined with road dirt, salt, rust, water etc. means there has to be a compromise in the braking system components, and as such noises are normal.

After speaking with the Assistant Service Manager at ********** Audi he has advised that the brakes are currently 90 per cent worn. As brakes are wear and tear items and not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, any repair cost is your responsibility as the owner of the vehicle.

I understand that you may remain disappointed with our response in this matter and if you wish to discuss this further you can contact Motor Codes Limited. They are an independent body, approved by Trading Standards who offer a free consumer advice line and conciliation service. They can be contacted on: T: 0207 344 1651

Thank you for sharing your concerns with us and allowing me the opportunity to respond, I hope that you understand our position on this matter.

Kind regards

Nicola Thorpe
Customer Relations Manager
Audi UK

T 0800 699 888

You really can't make this sort of customer service up and Customer Services at Audi UK should be ashamed for writing such to any customer of any Audi car here in the UK, especially an Audi RS3
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Unbelievable John.....

I knew I was halucinating when I wrote letter after letter to good old Audi UK about my beloved squealing like an old bus!

....and I must have been dreaming when they offered me a full refund on the car a year later due to the squeal.

....and before I woke up I accepted their kind offer and then disguised myself as A N Other and bought my baby back saving a few quid and as a new owner getting the brake fix as it was just released.

Carlsberg don't do brake fixes, but in my case they did.

Happy days John and I still have my beloved and she still drives like new and just like Bluey....squeal free too!
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What a feeble, evasive response. Shameful.
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They made perfectly good brakes 21 years ago for an RS2 , why can't they do it now ?

All that bull about the weather etc
That you and me remain happily content is proper good news, Darren :hi:

The issue for me with Customer Services is that Nicola Thorpe replied with nothing to help or assist the customer and that's shameful; that Audi still do not acknowledge that there own brake supplier, Brembo, provides a simple-shim resolution (Brembo 98.5032.40) is unbelievable; and that the OEM brake pads themselves wear in such a manner that's disastrous to the brake disc is just bad engineering

Thankfully EBC Redstuff for me and 99% of others who've tried them provide the perfect resolution...

Still retains its original excitement for me does this 8P RS3, Darren; and still have zero interest in changing for anything else - a proper Q-car is the 8P RS3
They seem to have sorted it on the new one though as mine don't squeal ...

The brakes on mine don't squeal either. Is it just a matter of time before they start or is this far from a common issue?
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The brakes on mine don't squeal either. Is it just a matter of time before they start or is this far from a common issue?

Talking 8P RS3 and TTRS here: No, they don't ALL suffer low-speed brake squeal and it's that that makes the issue frustrating

Take my own car/experience for example: new on the road in October 2011 and low-speed brake squeal started 1200-miles later in the February 2012 and added my own resolution (Mintex self-adhesive anti-squeal shims) successfully. Reluctantly had the 47i6 upgrade in October 2013 with a FREE service for my problems and 1200-miles or so later in the February 2014 low-speed brake squeal comes back and again applied a slightly different resolution (Brembo stainless-steel anti-squeal shims) but again successfully

Ok in my case, call it the weather, the mileage, me, my style of braking, whatever, but the time/distance scale being the same/similar was amazing

All said I've had RS3 cars here with original OEM brakes and no brake squeal at all; so you tell me 'cos I'm now away from the STD OEM pads and braking on Redstuff with NO problems/issues at all - and so are a fair number of others and all bar one that I'm aware of happily braking with Redstuff...

So NOT necessarily BillTheButcher, you may NOT get low-speed (5 to 0-mph) at all with the components you have now but pay attention to the state of your brake discs as those OEM pads have some aggressive brass rivets holding the friction material to the backplate and are known to gouge brake discs...
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RS3 a Q-car !

Now that's what I call a Q-car .


I think so - BOTH - remembering the original (I think I still have the Q-car article upstairs in the loft) Q-car concept...


AMAZINGLY similar Gazwould and that's my point...
Posted on the RS3OC forum as this is just going on and on and on and on and Suzy loves the exposure; she'll do anything for a monkey-nut...

"Woke up this morning and AGAIN just like EVERY morning there's this squirrel - we call her Suzy - waiting patiently outside our conservatory door for a monkey-nut. Unlike Audi RS3 owner/drivers wanting something different from their brakes as ALL/some Audi RS3 owners seem to do, squirrels seem to be 100% consistent as all they want is a ****** monkey-nut and then another monkey-nut and another ****** monkey-nut...

Mega consistent is our Suzy - talks nothing else but monkey-nuts....


And like me she can't believe we're still talking about 8P RS3 brakes over, and over, and over..."
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