Brake light bulb warning on DIS

Rob C

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Oct 17, 2010
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I get the brake light bulb warning on my DIS intermittently. It's not the bulb as the warning goes away and the brake light works again.

I think its a dodgy wire between the bulb holder and where the wires exit the body.

Are the wires to the bulb holder replaceable or are they part of the cars loom?

Its a 2007 S3 3 door
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The bulbs often play up intermittently before going out altogether, it may be a bulb about to fail, a loose or dirty connector. Try a new bulb, they only cost pence anyway and you can verify the condition of the circuit and give it a clean at the same time.
Thanks for your reply.

I've had the light out when the error was on the DIS and when it's out it seems to work but as soon as you put it back in the error comes back.

Also the wires had electrical tape on them as if someone had tried to fix it before which leads me to think it must be the wires?