Removing front struts without removing pinch bolt?


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Apr 17, 2014
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Hi All..

I'll be fitting my coil overs to my b6 avant on Monday hopefully,, been reading loads of write ups and diy's.. Has anybody successfully swapped out there suspension without removing the pinch bolt?
I've done it on my old B5.5 Passat a while ago and as the set up is pretty similar to the B6 I was wondering if anybody has done it this way?

Any help would be appreciated..

Thanks folks
Yes, I did mine without removing the pinch bolt using THIS thread as a guide.
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Thanks Jimmy tdi,

From memory I didn't remove the upper control arm bolts either, I removed 2 bolts in the rain tray hidden by two rubber grommets and the strut drops out without the top mount.

Either way, it's a relief to know someone has done it on a b6.. I really didn't want to spend hours smashing the hell out of that pinch bolt.. cheers Jimmy.
Done mine mate without removing the bitch bolts as well mate
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Nope just pushed down the hub and it gave me enough room to get it all out mate