Rs6 c7 help on exhaust info


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Jun 10, 2011
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Guys. I have been looking into the rs6 c7 witch we have decided will be our next car.... Yesterday I was shopping and seen a rs6 c7 in the car park it started up and dove away but the sound was unreal! Sounded like a monster! But when I was in Audi and test drove one it didn't sound anything like that. I am guessing it had a after market exhaust system on it.

So had a Google and see that it was most likely a miltek system.

I went on miltek website to see prices ect but notice they state the systems needs a ecu re-map. That's not something I would want to be doing on a new rs6.

So my question is. Do I really need a Ecu remap if I go for the miltek system?

And witch 1 is best? They have a few options?

Cheers guys
Unless the rs6 i tested didn't have the sports exhaust and the 1 in car park did? But sound difference was big!
After some research I can see that you don't need a remap if you just get the cat back system.

But now my question is. Is there much difference in sound from the sports exhaust vs milltek cat back system non res, Anyone have this on there's?
Milltek cat back is alot louder than the sports exhaust from Audi! But if you can find a used rs6 with the sports exhaust get that as the price won't be much different.