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Jul 30, 2014
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Thread opened for specific info relating ONLY to said new BMW M2 :thumbs up:
Thank's Bristle... I still wonder why BMW luvvies don't use the BMW Forum ?
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Thank's Bristle... I still wonder why BMW luvvies don't use the BMW Forum ?

The same reason as the Merc ones although some of them love everything but Audi and still drive/own an Audi.

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Do you mind if I troll this thread and rip the **** out of the M2?

Stock exhaust sound: 3.0-liter twin-scroll turbocharged straight six-cylinder.

M235i vs M2 morph gifs.
(Don't try this with S3 vs RS3)




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That gif is genuinely a good call! Deffo don't try it with the S3 --> Rs3 haha. I do question sometimes why people buy a hatchback for 50k.
Go for M2!
Good weather here so it will be my daily driver car since April.

The latest news was that it is not limited production but the fact that the M2 doesn't have a dedicated production line like the M3/4's means they have to pull regular 2 series off the line to turn them into M2's which takes longer so limits the amount they can produce, so they sort of are and are not limited production lol the discounts you can get on half decent spec M4/3's at the moment I think anyone would be mad to order an M2 especially as it doesn't come with half the regular 'M' trinkets

Too much hype for this car... and still no reviews!! (until feb). I think this was expected and production and availability will be higher than it seems.

We Saw the 2016 BMW M2 in Person and Wanted to Do Bad Things to It

Everyone has been waiting for the BMW M2 — and they'll be able to buy it for $51,700

BMW M2 is proof good things come in small M-badged packages

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BMW M2 is the 'purist's choice' in its class

Never mind everything else, I want a BMW M2
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My M2 is fully spec, all options except driving assistant options, for £47,800, final price all included (all taxes, VATs, registration, delivery...). (not in UK).

Extras: metallic color, DKG, ConnectedDrive Pack, Rear camera, Sun Prot, adaptive lights, keyless entry, HK, alarm, sunroof, bussiness nav, heat seats..., got some good discounts here.

I prefer M2 over M4 because design, size, sound.., I think performance will not be so different.
M4 is about £62,000 (discounts not included) with similar M2 options.

(video: suspension still features shipping blocks, sound in confort mode)
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Put like that yeah anyone would be mad to buy the M2.

M4 is a FAR superior car on all levels so for just a few grand more defo a no brainer.

BMW will be LOL-ing to the bank with zero discounts on the M2 :)

I got 18,8% discount on M2

And 1st spot available, bussines dealer relation, not standard deal.
In my country M4 with similar M2 options and same discount (18,8%), is £66.700!!
£18.900 difference with M2.

With that difference I will buy an used (2/3 years) Mini JCW for my girl (and me), and fuel included for M2 and MINI for a lot of miles :D. Not a bad deal.

Here M4 comes with 18', no adaptive suspension... and base price is much higher than M2, about 29.000€ in MT or 24.400€ if both are DKG (pollution tax in M4 moves from 14,75% in MT to 9,75% in DKG, so that option is "free". M2 is 9,75% in both transmissions)
The M2 is the same weight as the M4, and only about 15cm shorter, less than 10 cm narrower, and yet is nearly 50 bhp down.
Personally to me it's a no brainer to choose between the M2 and big brother M4

Is 20,3cm shorter. Only 1,6cm narrower and a little lighter. There is a noticeable size difference and presence.

50bhp more but just 6 seconds of difference in Nürburgring (M4 7m52s vs M2 7m58s). Do a minimal tuning to M2 (bmw probably limited it a lot to avoid exceed M3/M4) and stock M4s will be left behind easily.

All new model and -£18.900 (for me), no brainer to get M2 instead M4. It's a bargain.

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I saw a 2 series coupe recently and the one thing which really struck me was how awkward the rear end looked.

It looks really bulbous and weird and was not to my taste at all sorry.

M4 by comparison looks just right with nice style lines and proportions ...

View attachment 77651

In my neighborhood there is a M4. I will compare M2 with M4 size and all angles (I like M4 but too big for me, I prefer M2 size). 20cm shorter and same narrow... I think M2 will look much better.

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BTW, All 2016 UK allocation has gone. Earliest a dealer will be able to get you a car is 1st quarter of 2017.
Availability for 2017 is running out too, is crazy.

Video comment: Some super exquisite "Cold Start" exhaust SOUND footage of the all-new 2016/2017 BMW M2 Coupe delivering 370 hp and 465 Nm of torque (500 in Overboost) out of a single-Turbo R6 engine. I know this is just short clip that was captured on the go but I still would like to share it....boy does this car sound naughty, I cannot imagine how the optional "M Performance Exhaust" will sound! Also, the pictures on the web don't transport the fact how WIDE this car actually is, the looks are extremely powerful and even an M4 looks quite "normal" next to this;) And then there is this we all thought that the Audi RS3 with sports-exhaust is unbeatable but this one is....can I say it?....better! As M2s will be very rare to find I don't know if we will be able to test one this year but I'll keep you in the loop. What do you think about the BMW M2? Please don't hesitate to LIKE / SUBSCRIBE & don't miss all the other cars on Automann-TV. Cheers!
Thought they were like rockin horse poo??.. bout 5 or 6 for sale on Auto Trader!! New too..or with a handful of miles.. bargain at £55k too.. haha
Where is asports car ?

He said delivery was April ?
2 months of delay... but is finally here.

Is amazing. It's the best drivers car I have tested.
Just test it if you have opportunity.
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Would love to try it. The general consensus from auto journalists seem to be that it is very good...but perhaps not the massive wow factor over and above the M235i that they hoped?

While the M235i seem to have its own identity in the BMW line-up, the M2 seems to now fall awkwardly into that category of "why not the M3 or M4....?"

I must confess I prefer the styling of the M235i, but its a great looking car. Enjoy :)
In RL is still better than photos, front and rear width are stunning and this color is amazing changing under different light conditions, I only get people compliment and praise about this car (and they only watch it... best part is driving it).

Here my M2:

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No thanks. Poor styling and usual BMW tacky trim. As a whole proposition the RS3 suits me far better!

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