Rs6 grill swap

Dave Morgan

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Sep 30, 2015
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A6 front
Has anyone had any experience of swapping their C7 grill for an RS6 grill? I sadly can't stretch to a genuine one and have found found this one on Ebay

My concerns are that the parking sensors appear to be in a different place to where mine currently are, secondly will i actually be able to the grill off! I've found some threads for the C6 but imagine the C7 will be very different.
Just to reassure anyone, the RS6 badge won't be put on.... Any help or info would be appreciated
I've definitely seen a guide on another Audi forum somewhere, with photos.
You're best doing some serious Googling.
The oem grill fits in the space but has different clips.
Thanks for the replies guys. I've found that it very similar to removing the A5 grill which does require the bumper cover to be taken off. With the mounting clip issue and my technical ability, (past experience) its perhaps something I'll investigate more before taking the plunge
Thanks for the replies guys. I'll have a look and post when its all done