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Oct 7, 2015
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Hi everyone,

Im going to be trading in my vxr for a used a5 at christmas( the price on fuel has shifted me to the diesel world), looking at around the 08/09 mark. I have a couple of questions

1. Does the sline mean anything important part from a splitter. ( ill be buying my own upgraded alloys anyway)

2. Is there any optional extras they have that would be great to have

3. Common faults to look out for when i go viewing

S Line is basically the body kid and some trim that the S model has such as front bumper, side skirt and rear bumper. it also says S Line when you open the doors on the bottom on a silver metal plate and the seats are also nicer and have s line embossed onto them. cosmetic upgrades really. Headlights are also upgraded to the LED ones as standard for all S Line models I believe, however the read tail lights aren't always LED's even on S Line models.

Not 100% sure on all this though but hopefully someone with more knowledge can correct me. I just had to google a lot of the info I wanted to know, that might be your best bet mate.

As for optional extras, parking sensors are a must especially the rear ones, think they're standard actually.
if you love music then I cant stress how good the B&O sound system is. Also if your'e like me and are constantly changing the music you listen to then having the USB connection is really handy.

Mine doesn't have cruise control which I would really have liked, can get a bit tiring on long journeys, even more so due to the A5 acceleration pedal being more off-centre than usual. And lastly, the lighting package would be nice to have. You get pool lights under the doors and also a light in the glove box, without it you don't get a light in there! That was crazy to me considering even the cheapest Japanese cars I had prior has lights in there.

Satnav etc is personal preference I think. I prefer either a dedicated satnav or google maps from my phone since they're not only better IMO but much more detailed and accurate than a car satnav of that generation. But it certainly looks nicer having the dials at the base of the gear stick.
S line gives you Xenon headlights with LED DRL, side blades under the door, S Line badges, Lowered uprated suspension compared to standard SE,Different trim in the rear bumper , S-Line door kickers , Alloys, I think also a different steering wheel.
The S Line models usually come with a premium of 1-2K depending on spec , mileage and year etc . You can pick up SE cars with more toys than an S-Line so discount them it all depends what you want.
The 3.0 TDI is a cracking engine and really doesn't have any major issues, small problem with inlet manifold flaps that costs £30 in parts to fix and is an easy job. Goes well when remapped :) . Have a look at my build thread linked in the signature.
Common fault on A4/ A5 cars that my A4 had was a duff solenoid on the fuel filler cap. The fuel cap doesn't lock so is open all the time, small issue but seems common, about £40 to fix.

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Much appreciation on the detailed replies, it just seems the s lines are alot more do i suppose its just weighing up wether its worth the extra cash

I will defo be venturing into mods asap with it i.e exhaust, remap and lowered!

I like my car to stand out and not be to generic. Desert storm how do i view your build im still trying get around this forum
Cheers karl, great thread some interesting mods will defo be watching it for updates
If you like your car to stand out the you will kick yourself if you parked your non s-line next to one! The s-line body kit and interior make it more appealing.

Re the extras as a must have

1) 3G MMI High - more toys on the radio
2) full service history - 'nough said
3) Sportback if you have kids
4) heated seats - believe me you'll thank me in winter!

Other nice bits that I couldn't do without are

A) Folding mirrors
B) Lighting pack - puddle / footwell lights as above
C) phone prep and sat nav as point 1 above
D) S Tronic - personal choice I know

Most things can be retrofit but things like the MMI and mirrors are very costly to do!

3.0 Quattro is a beast though and I love it.

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